View Full Version : Legend on Nintendo Revolution?

18th Sep 2005, 00:11
The cordless 3D gyroscope controller looks like the coolest thing ever -- can you imagine Lara cutting through some tall jungle grass with a machete as you slice through the air with the controller in the same movement? :rolleyes: I can only dream

Sadly I don't think any Tomb Raider has played on the Nintendo systems, including the gamecube, unless I'm wrong? I suppose that will be for slicing through the air with Super Mario
I really like the new controller though :(

I might also like to see a DDR style footpad control so that you direct Lara's foot movements and running direction with your own feet, I really like immersive gaming, and playing legend would be like a workout too :D

18th Sep 2005, 09:55
There have been some Tomb Raider games for the GameBoy so there is still hope :p