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the taffer
15th Sep 2005, 22:02
I have been done with the tutorial and am now experimenting with the mission I have, by adding more to it. When i wanted a guard to Idle:direction, it says, facing 1: direction (thats the angle you want him facing) and weight which i have no clue on. I, also, made a guard patroling near extinguishable lights, so he can turn them on. He did it once and thats it. I tried making the patrol links on the lights, making the patrol points near the lights or on the lights and nothing seems to work. One last thing, I know how to get the ambient sounds playing but I do not know what ambient files to type in or where to find the ambient file names. I know this might seem like a lot to ask for but I just started doing FMs and I would love to get to know how to make them. Thanks.

15th Sep 2005, 23:08
Well you could space out your questions a bit so they're easier to read :p

The Weight is the probablility that the AI will face each direction. You can use any number, but it's easier to make all of your Weights add up to 100.
If a weight is 0 then that direction will never be chosen, so you can have just two possible directions, with the third having a weight of 0.

Do you mean the GasLights? The AI actually has just a 16% chance of relighting a doused one. There is a way to change this, but it requires custom scripts. I suggest you leave this one until a bit later on. The change necessary is very simple so it won't affect how you build your FM.

You can see a list of available schemas by opeing the Object Heirarchy and looking under Sound > Schema > Ambients.

But sometimes it's easier to listen to the .wav files.
You can download a program called Thief Media Edit from this page:
Among other things this can play all of the .wav files that Thief uses.

If you find one that you like, you can search through the schema files to see what schema(s) use that .wav file.
The shcema files are on Thief 2 CD2 in the Editor\Schema directory.
There is an updated set of schema files on this page: http://www.3dactionplanet.com/thief/dromed/files/
(slight modifications, probably nothing major)

Use Windows' search function to find files containg the name of the .wav file (minus the extension)

the taffer
15th Sep 2005, 23:43
Wow thanks for all your help, sorry i did not space them out lol. I do have a couple more questions for anyone who can answer.

1) Can you edit / add comment voices of characters? (can you either edit it to make garrett say something you want OR put in new voices to say what you want?)

2) Can you make a FM out of an original mission? (take the map of the original mission and make a new mission out of it.)

3) There are a lot of DromEd tools / programs out there, which ones are neccessary for making a FM?

Thanks a bunch for those who have helped me. I appreciate it a lot for putting up with my questions. I know I will have some more later but hopefully I can figure them out on my own.

16th Sep 2005, 00:39
1) You can add your own voices and comments. As for making Garrett say what you want, you have to find somebody who can play Garrett, as the original voice actor (Steven Russell) isn't available. ;) If you've played a lot of FMs, you've most likely already heard SlyFoxx talking as Garrett (e.g. in Keeper of the Prophecies, or in SlyFoxx's own missions).

2) Yes, you can. Shadowspawn's Lorgan's Web for Thief 1 is based on Assassins for example, and Lord Fishkill's Curse, the sequel for Thief 2, uses Life of the Party. However, it can be quite an amount of work to clean up an original mission in order to use it as a base. Keep in mind that the game has limits on how many objects/brushes a mission can have. If you start with an OM, you might be inconveniently restricted in how much you can expand it without having to delete existing sections/objects.

3) The most important one, DromEd, you've got already. ;) DromEd Central has almost everything else you might need on its tools page:
What you can find there, among other useful stuff:

Thief2 Objects List: This lists all objects along with their pictures so you can see what's what without having to insert & delete objects in DromEd a bazillion times.

Thief Objective Wizard: Helps you creating objectives for your mission. It's advisable though that you first learn making objectives "by hand" so you know how the process works.

Thief 2 Textures Index: Similar to the Objects List, this lists all of the game's standard textures, grouped by families.

Telliamed has some very useful tools on his site, as well:

I particularly like ParchEd, which allows you to write text for your mission while seeing a direct preview of how it's going to look in the game.

the taffer
16th Sep 2005, 01:06
cool, thanks. I will take a look and download the programs I like. btw what are textures grouped by families? is that like the keys being grouped as keys or whatever? (taking a guess). Too bad about the garrett voice. I was hoping there would be a program to edit his words but keep the voice. Then again that might sound crazy, this is the first time I have done more than just play games on the comp. I will have to make do w/ what I can. I hope I find another alternative.

16th Sep 2005, 01:32
The key analogy is appropriate: Similar textures are grouped in so-called families (e.g. city, ancient, Mech). There's also a technical explanation for this concerning texture color palettes (each family uses its own), but since you've just started editing that's not overly important for the time being.

A "Garrett comment generator" would be really handy, but a program that is capable of emulating any human voice and its intonation flawlessly and convincingly is still science-fiction, I'm afraid.

the taffer
16th Sep 2005, 01:44
Wow, there are a lot of programs that I dont understand 100%. So what im looking for is (if it is possible)....

1)A program that can create/edit in objects.

2) A program that can edit in voices.

3)A program to check what sounds are what. ( so i do not have to go in game to test it out everytime.)

So far i have darkloader, added access dromEd menu, and thief objective wizard.

the taffer
16th Sep 2005, 01:46
Ok, I just got your last msg. Ok I get it. I been picking everything up pretty quick so far, in terms of learning how to make an FM. Some of it seems confusing. Thanks for the help.