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14th Sep 2005, 19:55
my first post on this forum. i am a 53 year old retired govt worker who has
studied Napoleon for about 40 years or so and have wargamed about as long.
got this game and had to wait to upgrade my computer to a 512 video card
but it was worth it. I own Crown of Glory and Cossacks II but Imperial Glory
is the most fun of the 3 and far more colorful. CoG has a superb diplomatic
system and adequate combat system but IG is far more fun in combat and
the diplomatic system is more than adequate for the level of realism in this
game. Cossacks II is a wonder of graphics but virtually unplayable as a single
player game as it becomes a clickfest of trying to do everything that the comp
can do all at once all over the board. IG is the most playable of the 3. I did
download the patch but the speed control or ability to get the commentator
to be quiet does not work. Graphics are superb! Love my massed cavalry
trotting over a battlefield! Wife was amazed at the graphics as well. Game
play is very straightforward and easy to grasp. Hardest but most fun are
the combats and they become more fun (and harder! LOL!) as your abilty
to mass larger armies and fleets grow. Naval combat is a joy to play and
you can get lost in just watching let alone trying to keep everybody going
in the same direction! Sounds and vocals in different languagues is a very
nice touch!
My only requests would be to alter some unit type names such as French
Grenadier a Cheval to Dragoons. I also would restrict Lancers to just a
few nations and Curassiers in Britain would become Household Cavalry.
Building fortifications would be nice too. An reduction in the size of the
states of Hanover and Saxony and the inclusion of Bavaria would be a
must. Bavaria was the battleground many fights occured on.
This game has very few faults except for some needed changes in unit
names and types and the inclusion of some other minor powers i highly
recommend this game!!
My computer is a 2 year old E machine with 2.8 gigs of memory, a new
512MB video card, and both a CD and DVD player. Runs real well. If
a sequel or upgrade is considered or in the future i eagerly look forward
to it!!
Tim Loeb (plasticpanzers)
"Where unique 1/6th WW2 armor hides out"

15th Sep 2005, 11:06
Glad to hear you enjoy naval battles as much as I, btw there are some good links to mods available, and officer puppy has a naval sounds mod as well as many others that will, well they are sure to make your day. :thumbsup:



15th Sep 2005, 13:25
Heh, I have actually visited that site in the past. (plastic panzers)

How do you install the patch exactly? Does it show the updated version in the game?

16th Sep 2005, 04:59
I installed the patch but it does not seem to work. I cannot get the speed
control CTL-/+ to work nor get the commentor to be quiet (LOL!).
Tim (plasticpanzers)

16th Sep 2005, 08:35
do you have your data.pak and text.pak files unpacked,? if you only have two folders, Audio and Video, you need to unpack the two .pak files, you can do this by winrar or by changing the .pak to .zip once you have unpacked the folders, you are set up to add the mods aswell. then you can do the same procedure with the patch, simply open it the same way, and extract the folders to Imperial Glory folder. BTW, once you have unpaked the Data.pak and text.pak you need to rename those files to data.pak.bak and text.pak.bak or you can just simply remove them to a back up folder, try and get into a habbit of backing up any files before you replace them with mods, also any file that is a .sb file can be opend with notepad.
now FORWARDS, to the battle field.:thumbsup:

Willy Mcbride
18th Sep 2005, 22:10
I do to, Enjoy this game quite a bit! Its rather addicting at first, starting a campaign and all! I love how intense the combay becomes at times!

I have also been to that site (plastic panzers) and almost bought one!

27th Sep 2005, 09:25
I think i am going to love this game - Always loved the wargaming and i also do Napoleonic re enactment so obviously i love this period - Well i spent 3 hours playing last night and got next to nowhere except finally being told i didn't have resources to create troops or artillery anymore for no reason i could see - had plenty of gold (mighta been food). Hell though first time trying it and I also havn't played much (Any??) Strategy based games like this before. However assuming i get the feel for it it looks as though it could be awsome...........

27th Sep 2005, 16:46
you will need money/resources/people to make units. if your short one of the
3 you can't go forward with their construction. you will find as your armies
grow you need to increase your resources and people with sawmills and
hospitals respectivly. Also an increase in cash with trade routes and
internal trade routes. Captureing nearby minor countries help but getting
them to want to join you on their own is even better. Great game. Not
wildly historical but a blast to play. Love to see the mass movement of
troops and the orders yelled out in the local language!!
Tim (plasticpanzers)

28th Sep 2005, 08:09
Cheers Tim

Aside from building the trade center, is there anything else one needs to do to get the internal commerce up and running - also what point do the commercial ships (Brigatines) actually serve as it looks like the trade routes become active without them ......

29th Sep 2005, 15:25
select a ship and a port will light up a green ring, drop the ship in the port and the route turns green, if the route is blue its internal no ships required, if its red its blockaded by something, if the port is foriegn, that country could be at war with another country which is currently blockading the port

30th Sep 2005, 11:16
Ah right gotcha - Cheers for that. also i notice you seem to get attacked when another country/empire's sympathy for you drops to 0. However they seem to be lax about declaring war for a while - this correct ? seems to happen to me

30th Sep 2005, 18:25
yes as smpathy drops they tend to lean against you and back the more liked nations, anywhere near 10 is not good :)

30th Sep 2005, 20:06
Can you help me i want to buy a rts war game is the full imperial glory really as good as it looks.

30th Sep 2005, 21:46
YES!Certainly as a battlefield only player I adore it!(Not into management(food/gold etc)The only trouble I had was that I was so addicted to the Cyrenaica demo game it took me nearly a week to get around to playing the full game!Still addicted to Battle of Friedland months later!(Russian side)Why not download the mod to play the demo games on Austrian side....Makes the hanover scenario a LOT harder!(Find it either here or on TAFN site)