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13th Sep 2005, 17:36
Hello all,

I desperately fight with this fun game for kids.
My problem is that after a few minutes, the display is getting worst and worst with more and more 3D polygons until the game become unusable.
I have a Athlon XP with radeon 8500, windows XP SP1. Already try multiple updates for various drivers and AGP bios setting without success.

Is there anybody there who solve the same issue

Thx for your info


13th Sep 2005, 18:56
classic symptoms of graphics card overload. when you start playing everything is fine, but as the card struggles to render the game scenes, it gets hotter and hotter, and starts to produce these strange graphical effects.

The answer is to lower the graphical settings on the game in question, if that is'nt possible, the unfortunate answer is its time to upgrade your graphics hardware.

14th Sep 2005, 09:19

Playing this game in 640*480 with a radeon 8500 64 MB, an Athlon XP 2.2 and 768 MB memory !!!
I can play lot of 3D recent game with a good frame per sec.

I also have some problem to understand this as the minimum config for the PC is :
PIII 1GHz, 256 MB RAM and 32Mo 3D card.
And the recommended one is :
P4 2.4 GHz, 256MB RAM and 100% directX 9 video card with 64 MB

Furthermore, I never saw a game displaying trash on screen because of a system not sufficient, the refresh rate drop, but not 3D polygons appearing.

Thx for the support


8th Aug 2006, 13:40
Finally get the root cause of the problem,

I have to change my motherboard and now everything run fine.
I had a low cost motherboard and I change it by an ASUS and now it's OK. The other parts of the PC is the same.

And FYI, previously, I get similar video problem with Civilization 4.



13th Aug 2006, 03:24
It sounds like your video card is overheating.

Install more fans in your case, make sure your case is closed, to maximize airflow and you could upgrade the fan on your video card to an after-market airflow master or something better than the standard.


13th Aug 2006, 03:25
Hmm, nevermind... I just noticed your post was nearly a year old.