View Full Version : First time making FM, need help

the taffer
9th Sep 2005, 04:49
Im using a tutorial for making FMs and everything is great, except one thing. When I first started making weapons and links to the starting point it would not work. Then I went back and realized i put the link number in the wrong places (switched them up). Well now I can go to my weapon in game, I can not use it though. For the items, i can drop and throw them. The flash bombs wont go off when i throw them and the mines do not work either. Need some help in this area.

John D.
9th Sep 2005, 13:31
did you load the convict and gen scripts? Be sure to grab Komag's T2 tutorial at www.keepofmetalandgold.com :)

the taffer
9th Sep 2005, 18:24
I have the tutorial, thats what im using now. I will check the convict and gen scripts. I do not think I did that though. Thanks :)

the taffer
9th Sep 2005, 18:31
it worked thanks a lot for your help, but another thing I noticed some of the keys dont work when ur in the game. I do not know if its because its just a testing mode to see how the game is. All of the main keys work but when I try running (holding shift) and going right (d key) it will keep running but wont turn right. Thats just one example. Other than that everything so far is going pretty good on the tutorial.