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8th Sep 2005, 17:59
Hi all,

I just think that might be a very similar point between LOK game and Blood Rayne 2:

In LOK, Kain build the a device which produce lots of smoke in order to black out the sky, so that his vampire offspring can walk in day light.

In Blood Rayne 2, Kagan build many shroud towers, which kill people, crush them and spread their blood (War of the World ??) into sky in order to block out the sun light, so that all the vampire will not affected by sun light.

Sounds similiar huh? Just hope this is not a redundant post.

8th Sep 2005, 18:18
We've just been having a similar discussion - but just for the sake of clarification, one of the things you're going to find is that there really aren't a lot of credible ways to skirt the vampiric weakness to daylight. Anne Rice's vampires are totally ridiculous for the very fact that their ability to prowl in full view of the sun is never adequately explained - and don't even get me started on the Blade series.

The point is that there just aren't that many ways one could explain a vampire that can walk freely in the day without crossing into the campy - but smog or a cloud of blood blocking out the sun is at the very least feasible. For the record, Kain did not build, "the Device," as we know it from BO2 for this express purpose - rather, from what I can glean from SR1, he comissioned many factories to be built, which he then put into serious overproduction to produce the clouds of toxic smog that blotted out the sun of Nosgoth. As for what happened in Blood Rayne, I can't speak to it - I have never played either of the games. I would hesitate to call the similarities between the two games a direct rip - perhaps a partial borrowing of ideas, but not a direct ripoff in and of itself.

8th Sep 2005, 18:36
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9th Sep 2005, 14:48
And Omega says with one hyperlink what it took me two paragraphs to get across.

I tip my hat to you, sir. (Just don't expect it to stay tipped long, Apocrypha plans on making me eat it later).

9th Sep 2005, 16:43
Haha, even the mere mention of such an act is humbling in itself.

I did think about going with the "sarcastic-on-the-line-of-insulting" post, but they probably - nay - wouldn't have read it anyway.