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6th Sep 2005, 15:53
So far, so good. I have pretty much three out five missions completed. Eventhough I'm in college right now, the fourth mission is moving along quite quickly. It's at about 26%. I'll try to get some pics as soon as I can. :thumbsup:

John D.
6th Sep 2005, 18:10
Great to hear, I'm really looking forward to seeing what you've created next. :thumbsup: :D

9th Sep 2005, 16:18
Here are the pics. Due to post limitations, I have to make more than one post. Sorry for the wait. Like I said before, I'm in college.
First Mission: "The Mystic Estate (to rob from...)"

9th Sep 2005, 16:20
Second Mission: "The Forest of Despair"

9th Sep 2005, 16:21
Third Mission: "The Contradiction of the Builder's Children"

9th Sep 2005, 16:22
Fourth Mission: "The Doomsday Project"
That's all I have to show you. The rest will be kept secret. I don't want to show too much. :D

John D.
9th Sep 2005, 17:10
That new stuff is insane! :eek: You could change Thief into an entirely different senario with new objects and tricks like that, as I've said before the best T2 missions are yet to be made. :thumbsup: :D

9th Sep 2005, 17:36
Your screenshots looks great :thumbsup:

12th Sep 2005, 16:24
Wow! The fourth mission is moving along a lot faster than the first three. Well, this mission may be small, but it will be quite difficult. :p

19th Sep 2005, 19:22
All right everyone. The fourth mission is now complete. I just got one more mission to create and "The Rebellion of the Builder" will be ready for beta testing. Wish me luck, everyone. :thumbsup:

26th Sep 2005, 17:23
:mad: Due to the demands of college assignments, my time for working on this FM set is getting a little bit scarce. Right now the final mission is about 12% done. I just hope I can at least get it out for beta testing before the year 2006.

10th Oct 2005, 19:29
The last mission is at about 25% done. So far, I'm very happy how this mission is turning out. Don't want give too many details, though. But I'll say this. It tends to get a little scary. :eek:

17th Oct 2005, 14:48
:D Things are moving along quite well. I'm making a lot of progress on the last mission. It's now about 75% done. If I play my cards right, I may have this FM set out for beta testing sooner than I thought. So, hang in there yall. :thumbsup:

18th Oct 2005, 18:10
When I saw the screenie with the cars I was immediately reminded of the last part of the Gormenghast trilogy, where after two books set in an apparently medieval castle all of a sudden you find yourself in a modern city. Must read them again.....

Good work by the way :)

24th Oct 2005, 17:29
It's almost there for beta testing. I just got a few rooms and a couple of AIs to put in. The last mission is at about 85% done. Looks like "The Rebellion of the Builder" will be out for beta testing some time around November. Maybe even sooner. :thumbsup:

I hope that there won't be too many bugs to work out. I'll keep my fingers crossed when the time comes.:p

25th Oct 2005, 16:45
:thumbsup: The mission set is almost complete. I just got to perfect a conversation event. Looks like this will be ready either by this coming weekend or the next. :thumbsup:

I'll let everyone know when it's ready. :D So far, I now have two beta testers that want to check it out. I'm only going to have five in total.

John D.
25th Oct 2005, 19:49
Woot! :D :thumbsup:

27th Oct 2005, 23:49
OK, I now have five beta testers. That should be enough. :D
You're beta tester #1. :thumbsup:

I'll let all of the beta testers know when the FM set will be ready.

3rd Dec 2005, 07:03
:cool: All right! According to dropload.com, all of the splitted files have been sent for thiefmissions.com. :thumbsup:

I hope it'll be ready by some time this weekend.

John D.
4th Dec 2005, 07:10
Let me know when it's ready! :)