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5th Sep 2005, 18:43
Hey guys, I've succsessfully added officers to artiliery. It's still in the testing phase but as a texture, I am useing the Officers texture I found a while ago inbedded somewhere in the game files. I've changed the different animation files but I get a distorted image so I've left it as is and it works just fine.

Perhaps someone can eventually make an accurate arty officer one day after I can release my mod.

5th Sep 2005, 18:46
cool! how about that for normal men?

5th Sep 2005, 19:08
I've tried to but with no success.

6th Sep 2005, 07:09
well done pups, amazing, good :thumbsup: :thumbsup: work.

6th Sep 2005, 22:25
Screenies? ;)

7th Sep 2005, 01:32
I have submitted it a few moments ago, I have included a screen with it. Mind you that these officers are not 100% accurate, they are infantry officers, so hopefully down the line someone can make accurate arty officers, but at least its a step in the right direction. Something I noticed while making this mod which im sure many also have seen with their own eyes, arty soldiers have no animations for fighting. As a matter of fact there is a folder called "Common" which all arty shares, in it is a file called Rendirse.V3D which is basically an animation for surrender. In the .SB files, whenever soldier must fight such as melee, the game points to this "surrender" file.

Unfortunately, as far as my testing went, it seems impossible to change this. I tried replaceing some .V3D files with those found for militia (my base model) and manged to get a perfect representation of a milita solder, weapon and all, unfortunately when given an order to move, either the chracter would remain stiff regardless of order, or he would move and then become perminately distorted. I belive that because the .V3D files were created with the Fusilero model as a texture, anything that is not this model will be distorted.

If my theory is correct (Fusilero idea) then maybe by swaping some files around and rewriteing the .SB file for arty, maybe it could be possible to arm arty soldiers. This is yet to be tested.

7th Sep 2005, 06:56
Update: Ok....after some testing I got the following:

1) I changed the model, walk and resting animation with that of the Fussilero and I got a decent model working, the walking animation looked off with that of the cannon but I got the officer to actually hold a rifle (in this case it was his sword that was shaped as one)

2)I changed the "surrender" file with that of the Fusillero melee files. I got an when charged by militia the officer was actualy fighting them off! But since arty has no mele points to it they were easily defeated by the militia.

3)I changed the Fussilero files with that of Milita instead. I got a distorted grahpic at times, but the officer now held is sword like milita hold their bats etc.

4)When charged at the officer fought using the milita melee files, therefore he was quite literally hacking and slashing with his sword. And eventhough arty has no mele points I was actually able to defeat what was left of a militia unit (3-4 men) which surprised me.

5)Sadly the .V3D files are like puzzle pieces, you cant mix files without getting distorted images. For example say I keep the orginal arty soldier files but give him melee properties that of militia for example. When in combat the soldier will get distored because the 3D model will be that of an arty soldier not a militia man. Simiarly, if I replace the 3D model with a militia model, I'll get distorted images when marching or at rest, if I replace these two files, then I'll get a good grahpic, but when the cannon wheels or prepares to fire, the image will get distorted because these files were made with the model for an arty soldier, not militia.

7th Sep 2005, 09:03
m8, do you ever get time to sit down and play a campaign and enjoy some of these mods, or do you just prefer to rip these games apart and test various theories :)

7th Sep 2005, 09:55


Mod will be up in a minute.

7th Sep 2005, 14:20
is the first one french? or the royal artillary?

7th Sep 2005, 16:10
Excellent! Hopefully this will open up some doors for the infantry. Keep up the good work.

7th Sep 2005, 16:17
1)French. As I posted earlier in the thread these are Infantry officers, hopefully someone can mod accurate arty officers sometime soon.

2)Lol, yes I do play the game, I recently completed the game with the French on medium. I am thinking about starting with Russia on Hard since Medium does not seem like much of a challenge anymore. I take breaks inbetween playing and modding, currently im in my modding mood :p

3)I manged to add an extra man to arty. Instead of three men to a gun, I get four. Im still trying to see what limits the game will impose on me with this new thing.

4)Good news, I was able to add more soldiers for a total of six men to each gun. Furthermore I figured out a way to get around the gun moving animations plus these new men have melle capabilites so they actually fight in combat.

5)I basically finished these new soldiers, just have to get the timeing right when they march etc. As for the officer I am going to try and work something out with the militia model so in melee, he can use his sword.

6)In conclusion, if no new problems arise. My second version will include the officer and two soldiers in addition, all with melee animations. If an other modder can make arty soldiers and officers that would be a great, plus any modder making a realism mod, please add melee points to arty that way they can literally fight back.

7th Sep 2005, 18:57
very nice.... :) cant wait for it to be up

8th Sep 2005, 06:40
Well I got a small update, using the milita model for the officer looks weird. He is totally built and since milita wear no hats, the hat texture the officer skin has, wraps around his head. I guess its a matter of preference, would people prefer a sorta beefed up officer with no hat, but when in melee, can use his sword. Or do people prefer a normal looking officer but uses a rifle in melee combat.

8th Sep 2005, 07:38
Get the sword happening, we can fix the look of him when someone with 3dsmax tinkers with it, or is it beyond tinkering, skeleton thing?

12th Sep 2005, 16:57
Hey guys, im still trying to fix a few things here and there in my life, but hopefully by next week it will be business as usuall. :)

I thought you'd guys like to see what I got so far, I have not had time to work on it but yeah....I got around the militia thing and the officer.




13th Sep 2005, 05:26
he looks quite smart there pups :thumbsup: