View Full Version : Attention Gerald Duval

5th Sep 2005, 12:00
Your skin packs look fantastic but the links you have given to download them from don't seem to work. When I try to download the files, it only partially downloads the files, so I end up with some of the files missing and some of them corrupted. I think others have experienced similar problems.

Might I suggest that you contact the webmaster at TANF on webmaster@tafn.info and ask him to put your files on the mod section of the website. I have previously had one of my mods put on this site.

Your files will then appear here when they are uploaded: http://www.tafn.info/TAFN/commandos/scripts/pafiledb/pafiledb.php
In the modding section.


5th Sep 2005, 12:37
thanks for the heads up. I sent over the french pack. When they tell me it's ok for them to host my packs, i'll send over the danish pack with pics and the new spanish pack, also with pics.

5th Sep 2005, 12:55
Isn't a problem to put them up although the site is currently down to a domain change, should be back up by tomorrow.

btw, please use the pm service for personal messages :)