View Full Version : Help! with Special Items like Invincibility

matt's mom
3rd Sep 2005, 20:01
My son is 5 and has spent weeks earning 1,000,000 studs to buy invincibility and nothing happened except his studs disappeared. What are we doing wrong?

13th Sep 2005, 18:49
Are You using PC, PS2 or x-box.

I only know the PC version. To get all the extras that you have purchased,

1.press "esc" key on keyboard

2.go to "extras" menu

3. invulnerability should be turned "off" any extras you've not purchased will be "locked", scroll down to "invincibility" and press return, it should change to "on" go back to the game, now go forth and beat those clones with impunity!!!

now to get the superkit piece for "defence of kashyyyk" !!!