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1st Sep 2005, 17:09
I am wanting to find some funny parodies of the LOK series. anyone know any

19th Sep 2005, 15:24
I don't think there are any available, but that merely leaves room for you to make something up. What if LOK took place in the hood?

The storey begins as Kain peers out from da shadows an' watches as Raziel destroys his human self. And as forseen, Raziel'swraith blade conjoins wiff it'sformer selfs, an' dey turn against they wielder. At dis here moment Raziel notices Kain'spresence.


Kain approaches, watching Raziel wiff intense fascination. Raziel cries out in anguish -

Are ya enjoying dis here, Kain?!

Kain: (intense)
Don't fight it, Raziel...
Give in ta it...

Raziel: (in agony)
Was dis here yo' destiny fo' me, all along?!

Kain urges him intently -

Trust me...

Raziel'sstrength iz fading; he begins ta collapse.

Then... uh growing sense o' vertigo, an' da familiar displacement...
... da paradoxical moment when Raziel'stwinned soul hovered both outside an' inside da Reaver blade...
This wuz da instant - da glimmer o' temporal distortion - Kain had been counting on all along.
This wuz da edge o' da coin - da minute flicker o' probability upon which Kain had gambled everything.

Kain lunges forward - an' wiff uh massive, history-defying effort.

But it iz too late.

(Screams in agony)

The Reaver flies across da room now cotaining Raziel as it'sprisoner, now an' always. in the hood

You got me trippin', Boo.

Shut up. I'mo try and getch ya' out dat mutha'. Just chill, . Where's my knife? Oh, there it 'iz.

21st Sep 2005, 17:55

One of my friends showed me this a long time ago and I just remembered it.