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95th Rifles
1st Sep 2005, 10:45
i have no moded IG quite abit and produced some of the results i wanted using the stat editor, riflemen now have better range (100) but slower reload (8 sec) n artilery now has a range of 220, plus all units now have 100 men, along with numerous other changes to make it all more realistic. :D

but now im finnished the AI seems to have no idea to fight using all these new advantages, they make a stand at a poor position and wait for me to fire on them with cannon n rifles. then i move in with my line infantry n only when they get close do only the front ranks open fire whilst the rest wait.

all i have to do now is wait n they inevitably lose (and this on the hardest setting with more men). :(

does anyone know y? :confused:

n is there any way of changing the AI intelligence or its agressiveness in order to get a more measured battle? :)

1st Sep 2005, 16:10
It has been found that the weapon reload time setting IS NOT that simple(despite the fact it says "seconds" after it) .It will only work between 0 and 4 maybe 5 and gives a range of times from about 9 to 15 sec(I think 0 is slowest and 5 is fastest reload)If you input over 5 or certainly over 10 the troops will take one shot and then stand around idle...

95th Rifles
1st Sep 2005, 23:12
cheers for the reload tip thats made it more action pacted but is there any way of editing the AI's way it fights?

like stopping it charging all the time or make it more intelligent?

or getting it to put up a realistic fight by keeping reserves or flanking etc?

2nd Sep 2005, 00:06
Yep thats moddable too!Not as easy -you definitely need Winrar for this one ...extract "batalla" file and edit certain lines....Can make units esp Cav.less likely to charge for Arty....Look for a post by a guy called Godkin in this forum.....