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31st Aug 2005, 16:39
You have probably seen this picture before at www.tombraidercentral.net, but you can now download the original, digital version of this wallpaper. Notice Lara's mouth is now open like if she was :eek:. Hope you like it.

You can download this wallpaper at four different resolutions.


1600 x 1280 (http://www.tombraiderfans.com/tr7/images/wallpapers/04_1600.jpg)

1280 x 1024 (http://www.tombraiderfans.com/tr7/images/wallpapers/04_1280.jpg)

1024 x 768 (http://www.tombraiderfans.com/tr7/images/wallpapers/04_1024.jpg)

800 x 600 (http://www.tombraiderfans.com/tr7/images/wallpapers/04_800.jpg)

31st Aug 2005, 16:47
EEK! Is that Lara? She looks freaky. :eek:

31st Aug 2005, 16:49
YAY Eidos finally release it! I Love it :thumbsup:

31st Aug 2005, 16:53
Thanks Mark. :)

31st Aug 2005, 17:59
I prefer her expression in the other waterfall wallpaper. This one doesn't seem to fit to well (not quite as realistic as the other IMO).

Thanks for posting though Mark!

31st Aug 2005, 18:03
i disagree- i find her reaction to hanging from a teeny rope with one hand over a mile high cliff while shooting a gun a bit more realistic then the original version.


31st Aug 2005, 22:37
I think the problem with it is the inside of her mouth is grey but it should be black (shadow) The grey tone eliminates the depth perception and suggests that her mouth has been painted on instead of being a dark hollow real mouth

31st Aug 2005, 22:40
I really like her hair though

I kind of borrowed it to make my sig ;)

31st Aug 2005, 22:40
wow- thats dissection there my friend.

good eye.

1st Sep 2005, 00:21
Am I the only one having the Tarzan yell going through their head. :p

1st Sep 2005, 01:43
I used to do legal illustrating as a side job, so art/coloring problems are very evident to me sometimes :p

star girl
1st Sep 2005, 13:06
Am I the only one having the Tarzan yell going through their head. :p

No, you're not the only one, Runtime. I am just imagining that what would become of those two people at the Croft Manor who are supposed to help her. Lara'll be screaming their ears off :D :D :D !

1st Sep 2005, 13:38
Am I the only one having the Tarzan yell going through their head. :p

You mean the "Lara yell"? :rolleyes: