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30th Aug 2005, 20:40
Game loads okay. On entering any door from Dex Dinner Computer Crashes. On sending error report to microsoft reply says we have a navida error. Have run all system checks on everything I can, even game spy. All says okay Game should work. Even sent game back to supplier. new game still crashes at same point. Has any one any ideas. My daughter bought the game after playing on a playstation. I now have one very upset daughter. Any ideas much apprciated. :confused:

10th Sep 2005, 20:38
I had *exactly* the same problem - on two separate PCs, using brand new 256MB Sparkle GeForce 6200 cards (which I had to buy especially in order to run the game). Was using newest drivers from Nvidia - originally 77.72 then 77.77. All other games worked perfectly.

Worked my keyboard to death trying to fix it. Tried everything from tweaking BIOS settings to switching options on/off on the Nvidia display driver and Lego game. Finally put my annoyances in an tech suppt email to Eidos. Got a reply suggesting I used version 71.89 driver. Found this through the "Archive" link on the Drivers section of Nvidia's website. See following link:

The driver was a real pain to install, as it didn't recognise my video card as a 6200 - perhaps the (Sparkle) BIOS ID of the video card wasn't listed in the driver inf file or something? so I had to manualy force XP to use this driver, saying, "yeah, yeah, yeah, what the hell", to all of the warning messages. Most users will probably not experience this problem but I thought I'd mention it just in case.

Anyway, to cut to the chase, !!! IT DID WORK !!! and Lego Star Wars now runs on both PCs. So there has obviously been an incompatibility problem with the Nvidia drivers on all subsequent versions. I asked Eidos whether there were any plans to release patches, but it seems this decision would be down to the original developers of the game, Giant Interactive. Unfortunately there is no way to talk to Nvidia tech support that I am aware of, no links on their website that I could find at least.

*** Important note ***

I don't make any guarantees this will work for you, so cannot accept any responsibility for any rubbish stuff that happens to your 'puter as a result... If you do try the earlier driver then please post a reply to this message thread stating whether or not it worked for you, just so there is some history of this issue.

One important thing to note is that the driver set is dated 14 April 2005. If you use this driver 71.89 then you will be stuck in time, not being able to upgrade to a later version without the Lego Star Wars problem returning. VERY ANNOYING !!! The only way I think this problem will be solved permanently and satisfactorily is if Nvidia and Giant talk to each other and either Giant release a patch, or Nvidia stop releasing drivers with faults in them. If you agree with me on this this then please make some noise :eek: through emails, tech support, or whatever to encourage some action from either Giant, Nvidia or Eidos.

Lastly, may I thank Adam at Eidos Tech Support - who was the kind chap who suggested to me that I tried the older driver. Cheers :thumbsup:

25th Sep 2005, 15:40
Thanks for the tip. You have the same card as me. However in my case the driver was not recognised by my computer. Will keep trying.

14th Oct 2005, 08:04
Shaw, sorry to hear it didn't work, but if you want to give it another go, here's how...

uninstall the new driver
install the old driver
PC will not recognise the video card, and will revert to VGA mode
control panel - system - hardware - device manager
expand display adapters - double-click to edit the properties
driver tab - update driver - no, not at this time - next
don't search. I will choose the driver to install - next
if it's not listed, click Have Disk and browse to the OLD driver files
select GeForce 6200 from the list
next - next - etc through all the compatibility warnings

may the force be with you!

So is your card a Sparkle branded card? if so then that may shed some light as to the root of the problem. Please let me know and if so, I'll try to take the matter up with Sparkle.

I did get some further troubleshooting help from Eidos, who tried to help me to get the game working with the new drivers, but they could only help so far. To escalate the matter further through tech support, it was handed on to Nvidia. I have heard absolutely nothing since then. Black hole. Do not pass go.

PLEASE - does anybody know if there are any plans to employ technical support staff at Nvidia? If anybody has any route of communication through which they can suggest it to them, please do so.