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evil Garrett
29th Aug 2005, 13:52
I've formatted my HD and after windows installation i started to install Thief2. I have T2Premier Patch 107 to 118, T2 DromEd (the latest version) and T2 NoCD crack in zip archives downloaded directly from the cyrcle. I get tired of all this extracting and copying of three archives, so i put all this files into one SFX archive(i even put in "USER.CFG" file this strings: edit_screen_depth 16 and safe_texture_manager). Now i can update and crack my thief2 only with one simply installation :cool: . I want to put this SFX archive on my site, but i'm wondering is it illegal to distribute this files, btw they are free like all patches, updates, upgrades and so on and so on...
My package is better solution because if you extract t2 noCD crack first and then the update to 1.18 you'll have to extract once again t2 no cd crack because the old "cracked" thief2.exe shall be replaced by the new one in t2 1.07 to 1.18 patch, otherwise thief will request Thief second cd in your drive.

29th Aug 2005, 14:16
Not everybody has the same content in their user.cfg, so I'd leave that if I were you.

I don't know if it's illegal*, but I can't imagine there being a problem with you linking to the circle's download page(s) for these files, then telling the reader that it'd save time after a Thief reinstall if they put the files into a single archive.

Plus some people will want to include other files that you may not have mentioned.

*The only possible legal issue would be with the NoCD patch.

29th Aug 2005, 15:02
If you're in the US then it is illegal to distribute No CD cracks.

30th Aug 2005, 04:57
Not only that, it is against forum rules to discuss cracks. Please discontinue. I'm leaving this up here, only as a reminder, because I do not see anything that helps people do it. I don't understand what you have written, and that is probably a good thing. :rolleyes: