View Full Version : Is it true that BO1 does not exist for PC and why don´t Eidos make a new 3D version

29th Aug 2005, 08:52
I own a PS1 version of BO1 (2Dimensional) but i hope that Eidos will make a new 3D Version of it for the PC.

So my question is: Is there any myth of a remake of BO2

29th Aug 2005, 12:16
It's no myth - it's fact.

The people who made Blood Omen (Silicon Knights (http://www.siliconknights.com)) sold the rights to LoK to Eidos just after the game was released.

Now, Crystal Dynamics make the LoK games (from Soul Reaver onwards) - and they have repeatedly said that they won't make re-makes of old games, as they want to look forward, rather than backwards.

So there it is. No SR remake and definately no BO remake!

It's a shame yes, but the only way we'll see remakes will be if fans make them themselves!

29th Aug 2005, 17:23
BO1 was released for PC as well as PS - its much the same on both systems but with much shorter loading times on PC and a little bit of extra (unimportant) dialogue.

As to remakes of BO1 and 2...I would prefer an entirely new game in the series first, although theres no guaruntee that we will ever see either.

29th Aug 2005, 20:43
It might be nice if they released the next LOK on DVD and used the code from BO1 to fill the extra space. Maybe not "officially" on the disc, but easily unlockable.

29th Aug 2005, 21:17
It might be nice if they released the next LOK on DVD and used the code from BO1 to fill the extra space. Maybe not "officially" on the disc, but easily unlockable.

that would be truely awesome. Much better than any other bonuas we could get

Gabriel Edson
29th Aug 2005, 22:44
that would be cool. but i dont know, that was pretty cool how they put the outtakes in defiance... personal fave is michael bell listing the wraithblade enhancements with that lisp "theress the sspectral reaver, darknessss reaver" or whatever the hell he said. :D :D :D

no more michael bell in LOK games. :(

29th Aug 2005, 23:10
Why ever not?!

Mr Bell still might return... Kain could communicate with Raziel's soul or something!

Gabriel Edson
29th Aug 2005, 23:18
possible, but unlikely, IMO. its alright though, we have the games hes done so far. :)

29th Aug 2005, 23:35
That, or just tune in to the Rugrats or something!

Or play MGS3.. or the other games he's work on to get our Mr Bell fix!

Gabriel Edson
29th Aug 2005, 23:55
...which reminds me...

i cant remember whos in what now, but i sat down one night and read through the credits of all my video games... and was quite surprised at how many times you see familiar names in unexpected places (although some voices are a dead giveaway). i never really cared about voice actors until i stumbled on LOK, and now ive gone through all my old games and i was shocked that i didnt remember the voices. (i.e. i didnt remember tony jay's voice from return to castle wolfenstein, or in fallout: brotherhood of steel. i played those before LOK. but i bought dark alliance after, and immediately recognized his voice as a main character and as a few random monster noises as well).

michael bell turned up in one of my other faves, diablo 2. and earl boen (voice of SL) showed up in Icewind Dale 2. (he may have been in Dark Alliance as well, i cant remember).

30th Aug 2005, 06:56
btw earl boen is also dr silberman...a guy who has been in ever terminator movie :D

and watch some of star trek next generation...bell and templeman are in some episodes...and simon is actually quite hard to spot...on top of that he is married to one of the actresses in tng!

30th Aug 2005, 11:23
Tony Jay (Elder God) has also been in Star Trek: TNG.

He was supposed to marry Lwaxana Troi - but she turned up at her wedding nude (as is the Betazoid custom) and he was offended.

30th Aug 2005, 14:45
It seemed like Tony Jay hardly talked at all during that episode. *pout* I'd rather try to catch him narrating on the History Channel. That one Civil War documentary was exquisite.

As for Michael Bell not voicing any more LOK games, he is "the man of many voice" after all.