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27th Aug 2005, 18:25
I have no idea what to do; his "tutorial" is to confusing. Someone give me a walkthrough, please?

27th Aug 2005, 18:54
The first thing, if you haven't already (it's required to mod almost anything) is to extract the contents of data.pak in your imperial glory folder. Use WinRar. If you have the patch installed, you'll then need to extract the contents of data1.pak, overwriting any files that already exist.

You should end up with a whole bunch of folders in your imperial glory folder, one of the being "Game". Within this folder, is a folder called "Gamemodes".

In the Gamemodes folder is a file called ModeloCombate.dt, which contains all the unit stats. - right click on it anc choose properties, and make sure it is not set as "Read Only". (it's also a good idea to put a backup somewhere safe, just in case)

Now unzip my program into your \Imperial Glory\Game\Gamemodes\ folder. (I'd advise downloading version 0.8 (http://www.tafn.info/TAFN/commandos/scripts/pafiledb/pafiledb.php?action=file&id=68) if you don;t have it already, as it fixes a few bugs from version 0.7).

now you can run DTFileIO.exe.

you then have 4 options:

1. restore backup of modelocombate.dt file: This will overwrite your current modelo.dt file with the backup (which is stored in \Imperial Glory\Game\Gamemodes\unitdata\).

2. Generate text files from current DT file: This will create a text file for each unit type in \Imperial Glory\Game\Gamemodes\unitdata\. This text file will list all the available stats for that unit (there is a complete set of stats for each experience level for every troop type, so you can have different stats for new recruits and for veterans, even of the same unit type).

To edit the statistics, simply change the numbers in the text file, then choose option 3.

The number at the beginning of each line tells the program where in the DT file the data should be stored - don't change this as it will mess things up.

The next thing on each line is the name of the variable, then a number (which is what you should edit), then a note on what the variable does.

3. Import data from current text files to DT file: this will read the text files in the \Imperial Glory\Game\Gamemodes\unitdata\ folder, and import these values into the ModeloCombate.dt file.

4. Exit Program: self explanatory

If you're still having problems, have a look at DTFileIO_log.txt in your Gamemodes folder. This should tell you if the program failed to open any of the files.

27th Aug 2005, 19:18
OK, I did what you told me to do; I edited the unit sizes to 120 for inf and 72 for cav. However, when I start a custom battle, the units are back to 60 and 32. What went wrong?

27th Aug 2005, 19:26
iam having the same problem if you read for waldi thread i cant change the files :confused: :confused:

27th Aug 2005, 19:53
OK, I did what you told me to do; I edited the unit sizes to 120 for inf and 72 for cav. However, when I start a custom battle, the units are back to 60 and 32. What went wrong?

did you change the VidaTotal and VidaActual (health) as well? it should be 100 x the number of soldiers, so 12000 for your infantry and 7200 for your cavalry.

which text files did you make the changes to? (and did you do it for all experience levels).

if you could post what you have in the first four lines of one of your edited text files, I'll have a look.

27th Aug 2005, 20:16
I only changed the inf-lineinf text doc.

Here are the first four lines in that file:

192 uValTropa: 100 * health per soldier
196 uUnidades: 200 * number of soldiers in unit
200 um_VidaTotal: 20000 * Total Health of unit
204 uVidaActual: 20000 * Current Health of unit

30th Aug 2005, 04:16
Ok, no responses in two days? Come on, please help me. :(

30th Aug 2005, 09:52
I didn't post a reply to you before 'cos I'm not sure I understood what you did. Here is what the first three lines should look like if you want to make the units have 100 men.:
192 uValTropa: 100 * health per soldier
196 uUnidades: 100 * number of soldiers in unit
200 um_VidaTotal: 10000 * Total Health of unit
204 uVidaActual: 10000 * Current Health of unit

You have to modify all these lines in order for it to work. (and it must be coherent: if you want 120 men, then it will look like 100 (health per soldier), 120 (nb of soldiers), 12000 (in order words health*soldiers) ans again 1200 (since units start at full capacity). Also be careful to use only the latest version of the stat program.

I hope this helps :)

PS: of course, this exemple is for the line infantery file. You must make these changes for all infantry units, etc.

Edit: almost forgot, it is very important that you do not change the format of the text file (as it has here when I pasted it - that's also what I hadn't't understood about your post), just replace the numbers you want. Good luck :)

31st Aug 2005, 02:35
So, each inf unit should have the same number? IE inf should have 100, grens should have 100, guards should have 100, etc?

31st Aug 2005, 02:45
to clarify about not changing the file format, each line should be as follows:

ADDRESS# TAB VariableName TAB TAB Value# TAB *comment text

The TABs are very important, make sure there is 1 TAB between the address and the variable name, and 2 TABs between the vaiarble name and the value.

Address# is the byte number within the dt file where the data is stored, and mustn't be changed.

VariableName is the name given to the variable by Pyro, and again should be left as it is.

Value# is the number for the value, it's this that you change.

*comment text is just my notes as to what the line does. you can change it if you like, though it'll be oerwritten if you export the text files again.

Sorry of this seems a bit convoluted - I'm endeavouring the make the program a bit less sensetive to changes in the file's layout for th next version.

31st Aug 2005, 02:53
I haven't changed the tabs or anything, at least I don't think I have.

31st Aug 2005, 03:01
Ok, someone walk me through it step by step, please? I'm desparate. :(

31st Aug 2005, 03:44
OK. here goes:

1. Unpack data.pak into the root of your Imperial Glory folder (make sure you do this into the imperial glory folder, as by default winrar might unpack it into a subfolder called "data". Do the same with data1.pak if you have the patch installed, overwriting any files it asks you about.

2. rename data1.pak to something else to prevent the game accessing the default data and force it to use the unpacked versions (same with data1.pak if you have the patch).

3. Unzip versin 0.8 of my program into your "\Imperial Glory\Game\GameModes\" folder. You should now have DTFileIO.exe, and a folder called "unitdata".

4. Right click on ModeloCombate.dt in your GameModes folder and choose "properties". Check if "Read Only" has a tick by it. If it does, click it to remove the tick and press "Apply".

5. Run DTFileIO.exe, and choose option 2 (extract text files). then exit the program (option 4).

6. go into your unitdata folder, and open "inf-lineinf.txt" in notepad.

7. edit he first four lines that don;t begin with "//" to look like this:

192 uValTropa: 100 * health per soldier
196 uUnidades: 100 * number of soldiers in unit
200 um_VidaTotal: 10000 * Total Health of unit
204 uVidaActual: 10000 * Current Health of unit

make sure that each line has 1 tab after the first number, and 2 tabs after the variable name. Save the changes to the file.

8. run DTFileIO.exe again, this time choose option 3 (import data from text files). then exit the program (option 4).

9. run imperial glory, start a quick game and choose a unit of line infantry (level 1 experince). It should now have 100 men instead of 60.

If you're still having trouble, send me a PM and I'll take a look at your log file and see if I can figure out what's going down.

1st Sep 2005, 00:20
Bloody hell, It works! It actually works!! :eek:

Thanks Incanus for your patience, I owe you one! :thumbsup:

1st Sep 2005, 07:02
I have problem with artillery no how much i increase the musket accuracy% the arty will shoot way over the enemy all the time no single hit eaven close range???? i decreased the range and after that only shooting ducks??

1st Sep 2005, 07:17
Yeah I have that situation too.Arty shoots way over heads of troops at even mid/close range when increases their range.Reckon I'll eventually drop to quarter real ranger about 300-500m .Ive already had to drop to half realistic range and the opening seconds of every game are STILL trying to blow the enemies artillery to kingdom come before they do the same to you .....and then to your other units!I guess sometimes you have to modify the "real" figures to make a game playable.Either the range or accuracy is gonna have to come down anyway...

1st Sep 2005, 07:18
I suppose if the arty have some kind of default "arc" that they shoot at (upwards curve) increasing the range may make nearer targets too"low"

2nd Sep 2005, 03:57
Does anybody know the answer of the artillery accurate? why its up if ill raise the range and no effect with musket accurate value rising? i have all the way realistic DT file modified ready to go to community but as long i cant fix arty its worthless.

2nd Sep 2005, 06:26
How high do you have the ranges? I've had ranges of about 350m with no problems.

Have you increased the "close" range as well as the longest? There appears to be some kind of minimum range for artillery, based on the close range, so If you've set this very high that may be the cause. Maybe try just increasing uRngDis2 and uRngDis3, and leaving uRngDis1 at the default value?

As to how the Accuracy variables work with artillery, I'm not sure. I know that artillery have accuracy values for each range band, but it's evidently handled differently, since artillery calculates hits by tracing the path of the missile. I suspect Accuracy for artillery dicateds how far from your target point the missile can deviate.

2nd Sep 2005, 06:48
Keeping the "close" range low while having long arty range does not allow you to hit nearby targets.Its as if the cannon cant raise or lower their trajectory/aim .So if you give them the power to hit 1000m away theyre NEVER going to hit a nearby target.Doesnt make sense but SEEMS that way!

2nd Sep 2005, 09:59
Well this is my 12 pounders values

2536 fRngDet: 200000 * Range to detect other units (cm)
2540 fRngDis1: 45000 * Range of muskets (cm), close range
2544 fRngDis2: 91000 * Range of muskets (cm), medium range
2548 fRngDis3: 182000 * Range of muskets (cm), long range
2552 uPrecDis1: 50 * Accuracy of muskets (%), close range
2556 uPrecDis2: 40 * Accuracy of muskets (%), medium range
2560 uPrecDis3: 30 * Accuracy of muskets (%), long range

and seems that arty always missed the target with over shots never front??
so as far as i can see the range isnt problem as the ball will fly like 1820m only accuraty is like bull?

9th Nov 2005, 12:54
just wondering, where can u download this program, i cant find it

9th Nov 2005, 13:03

9th Nov 2005, 15:45
thanks, but just another question, where do i have to put the downloaded mods?