View Full Version : does anyone hear have any wrestling games?

27th Aug 2005, 00:43
Hey guys
I was just woundering if any of you had any wresteing games like any of the smackdown series? Do any of you guys watch wwe?

20th Sep 2005, 21:09
ur asking whether or not people watch WWE in the forum labeled "Backyard Wrestling General discussion"? Are you sure ur on the right site???

22nd Sep 2005, 12:02
I was just checking dude. The uwppv needs your help i am the admin of the Ultimate Wrestling Pay Per Views (uwppv) We need your help we need all the wrestling fans help i have created a web site that is the wwe my way i have my own charcters my own story lines and my own blets me and friends commentate the wrestling action of the wwe smackdown vs raw game and put it on the next and made a web site out of it. So people can download for free this stuff. We are very entertaining the first 2 shows are not the best but when you get into whats going on you would like it. Anyways if anyone is intreasted in viewing this site email me or just give me a private msg thank you for your time. We need all the support we can get. And if you think this is crap with out even seeing the video of it do knock it till you see it.