View Full Version : Graphic card problem

26th Aug 2005, 15:21
hi , these few days my ATi card has been playing up , when playing games the game freezes and jumps back to my desktop , any game i am playing , it has something to do with graphic hardware VPU, it says i have to restart my pc to correct it to recover the display driver, i have done this a number of times but is is still playing up , can you help , thanks chaps.

27th Aug 2005, 10:30
Which ATi chipset you got? is it on a laptop?

19th Oct 2005, 01:25
I get the blue screen of death. I am trying to play the game on my laptop. It's a 1.7 gig unit with plenty of RAM. My graphics card is an ATI radion x600. The driver is pretty well updated.

I played the game for a while and wanted to install the v1.1 patch. After that, any time I went into a land battle....BAM! Blue screen of death.

I then removed the patch, uninstalled the game and reinstalled. I still get the same issue.

Any clues as to MY problem?