View Full Version : Such a shame this game is kind of anoying.

25th Aug 2005, 18:35
Well the short period that i been trying to play this game its already becoming annoying.

I know I’m a newbie and just started playing but these are just a few things that i have encountered.

-The sea battles i like nice view always wanted to do nice sea battles. Maybe its a oprion in the game don’t know, haven’t found it yet if there is. But would be nice if u could group your ships together other then move them separately each time.

-A shame u can only move 3 troops into a country from when u embark from your ships. How can u mount a really successful invasion when u have to split up your army into several country's. And if like in shogun games when I want thousands of troops stationed in one country I should be given the option to do that, and not need to endlessly puzzle with how to deploy my troops in such a fashion that they wont be wiped off the world map after being landed.

-Would be nice if u could re-supply your invading army with troops that u have still on your ships.

-I have read a lot about unit behaviour in the game. And I find it to strange even though when u early in the game your line troops and other more advanced basic trained troops. Will break or alter formation without orders. Militia sure that they run off and engage the enemy sure can believed that but even still when under a organized army with a captain or higher ranking officer. You would expect some discipline from your own troops not to break the ranks up without orders for it.

-Sometimes when u let the enemy get to close of your flanking unit that unit stops following orders and attacks the enemy. What is to become of a army when your troops stop following orders. Adjust the AI and give some more control over your units I would say.

-Thus far the game AI is easy to fool or as I see it kind of stupid. I am playing with Russia at the moment. And early in the game started to invade with the little amount of troops I have. No arty no horses just militia and line troops. When I invade Egypt and have only one captain near Austria. They declare war on me. All well that’s what I would do to. Anyways they send in troops and occupy 2 country’s. I build some militia and a officer I break of some troops from Egypt. And counter there advance. I enter the battles with them weaker as they have arty. You defeat them easy. It’s a shame you form up your line infantry and send your militia off to flank your enemy in a rushing move. They leave there arty completely open and while there infantry engages yours u send in the militia unit to finish the arty off and attack them from behind. Send in a line formation for melee and let the others fire on them and u have won. And so it has been going for several turns a much stronger enemy u defeat with a handful of troops.

-What is with the force research. I read you can adjust it by ending funds. But it shouldn’t be forced on you. You will find out soon enough when the enemy has better material that u need to research something new. Would be nice if there would be just a reminder of that the research is finished and if u would like to research something new.

Well I know a lot of whining ;) guess I was expecting so much more of the game. I played shogun and I think it’s a little better in the way of army’s and army size. But guess that’s just me. Or the game Cossacks in a way is this a more 3d version of shogun and Cossacks I think.

Oh and the patch, does that work? I downloaded it and I don’t know, game does still weird things.

Glad i could have bored u for a few minutes of your time :p