View Full Version : Whats with the double loading of the game?

25th Aug 2005, 17:56
Hi everyone.

I got this game yesturday, I downloaded the patch and been playing it now for 2 days. But at one point in the game when i have finished a battle and it loads for the normal world map. It finishes loading and then starts to load again and shows the load screen that u see when u get a naval battle. When that is done it goes to a black screen and i can only see my mouse pointer and nuthing els. Game is black and nothing u can do other then try to get to desktop and close the game. Really anoying when u winning :P

25th Aug 2005, 18:05
I don't know the answer to your question but you should put it in the Technical Discussion area you will probably get more replies there

26th Aug 2005, 14:07
This would seem to be a bug in the game. It has happened to be me a couple of times as well. Take a look at the end of this thread:


I've entered some bugs I've found here and mention the issue you speak of as the last one listed. Notice the posting right before mine by Wiltshire Tony which mentions it as well while referring to a previous post that I haven't found yet. It appears it's only when you you're playing France and invading certain provinces.