View Full Version : Will Marcus Trojen be an honorary music contributor?

23rd Aug 2005, 02:05
I just have to say, that I have been listening to Marcus T's Tomb Raider inspired music since he first started composing them, was it TR2 or TR4?
Anyway, these were my favorites, Land of Sand III and Black Queen, I thought some of his pieces were easily of the caliber as the official TR soundtracks, I thought it would be cool if it was included -- in the dark days of TR when everyone had turned against it, sometimes it was only the creativity of the fans like Marcus and Lara Vertigo and another fan who made some of the most beautiful Lara pics I have ever seen, V Kowalski, that kept me interested and inspired by their interpretation

Anyway, I think it would be cool to have Land of Sand in TRL! :D

23rd Aug 2005, 19:14
Marcus is talented. I always liked his music :thumbsup: