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John D.
21st Aug 2005, 23:33
After seeing Batman Returns I have to say the Gotham scenes remind me a lot of the Thief City. Now I'm caught up in my own stuff, but if anybody was thinking of doing a total conversion, Batman would be a great choice IMO. With some custom ai's, objects and player motions (fists, spike shooting gauntlets etc) some interesting stuff could be done even in the Dark Engine. Just an idea.
I tried a custom shield just out of curiosity.
http://img388.imageshack.us/img388/350/shield0sc.gif (http://imageshack.us)
Here it is in game:
http://img383.imageshack.us/img383/700/shieldsinaction6ti.jpg (http://imageshack.us) :cool:

the one true thief
22nd Aug 2005, 00:24
cool...maybe make then slightly bigger? but looks cool. I like the look of that church/cathedral

by the way. what file do you use to edit the way the health and visibilty meter look?

Thanks :)

( I cant find the fles anywhere)

John D.
22nd Aug 2005, 13:30
The cathedral is part of the mission I'm working on right now (for Thief only).
The best thing to do is go to Dromed Central and download Thief Media Edit.
You can find the shield.gif in the obj/txt folder as well as the light crystal gifs (crytex01-17). I havent found what .gif is the frame yet.

the one true thief
22nd Aug 2005, 15:32
Cool, thanks.

So how far have you got with this FM? and any new screenshots? looks interesting by the height of that cathedral i see :)

John D.
22nd Aug 2005, 15:51
Well I'm just doing architecture right now, a little here and there at a slow pace.
It will probably be a few months before it's ready, then I plan to start learning D3 again. :)

John D.
22nd Aug 2005, 16:53
I've found the light gem frame files, they are names Surcrygr, Surcryrr and Surcryyr in the obj/txt file as well. :cool:

the one true thief
22nd Aug 2005, 17:15
ah, ok . thanks!

I have a pretty good design already :D