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21st Aug 2005, 02:41
OK I'm sorry, but Ive looked at all the older threads and you may as well be speaking in chinese...

All I want is to play Tomb Raider 1 again. Ive tried downloading this and that, the TR advanced installer, glidos, some sound thingo I have done everything!

The movies dont work, the sound doesnt work, not even the sound of guns going off there is absolutely no sound at all. And on the off chance, I can sometimes even play the game, but this is rare too.

Is there anything I can do?

21st Aug 2005, 08:32
I've never tried playing Tomb Raider I on my computer, but I do know that there are some things that will help the problem get solved.

First, what operating system are you on (95/98/NT/...)?
Second, what sound/video cards do you have?
Third, what are the other specs of your computer? Do they meet the minimum system requirements of the game?

Like I said, I have never tried running Tomb Raider I on my computer, and I probably never will, but the answers to these questions will be of great help to the people who can help you fix the problem.


L Croft
21st Aug 2005, 09:53
if you are using XP its nearly impossible to get it to run, but putting it in compatiablity mode helps, tutorial here (http://www.funkylydia.com/tombraider/xphelp.html).

21st Aug 2005, 22:19
I am on XP SP2 and I managed to get both TR1 and Unfinished Businnes working perfectly. I finished playing through in Xtreme HardCore mode just yesterday, in fact. :)

Rusty, all I needed was this installer (link below). I didn't use Glidos, but DgVoodoo, the free alternative. It looked superb anyway. :)


Sophia Leigh
22nd Aug 2005, 02:34
Read through this link (http://www.tombraiderhub.com) from start to finish and follow every thing step by step :thumbsup: .

It took me several hours to sort out TR1 & TR1 Unfinished Business, and several questions posted here in between, it was very frustrating. The good news is that TR1 does work on Windows 2000 & XP if you have downloaded all the correct patches and installed them properly, so don't give up hope, you will get there :)

If you've played TR1 on a console before you will notice the graphics are 100% better on PC with all the patches etc!

10th Sep 2005, 17:11
What I feel Eidos should do is re-release the original "Tomb raider", with all the methods and configurations of games released today.