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19th Aug 2005, 16:57
get the patch to work? i downloaded it but it still wont work...how do i like "add" the patch to the game :confused:

19th Aug 2005, 18:22
Which one did you download? the official eidos one or the updated TAFN version?

eidos one just needs to have the downloaded exe ran and it will do the patching for you.. the tafn one needs you to copy the files into the installation folder and it works

20th Aug 2005, 02:08
the one in the thread "patch 1.1"

20th Aug 2005, 08:39
the one in the thread "patch 1.1"

is it an exe or a zip/rar file (both patches are listed in that thread i believe)

20th Aug 2005, 11:35
is it an exe or a zip/rar file (both patches are listed in that thread i believe)
a rar file what must i do than :confused:
end what about mods :confused:

20th Aug 2005, 14:44
U unzip it, use WinRAR or WinZIP, it's basic computer compression programs

20th Aug 2005, 18:08
i think rar...i did the first link...and i have winrar

20th Aug 2005, 20:09
Wait a min, you have winrar, you have the rar file and you can't figure out how to uncompress the file? Or is it something else?

21st Aug 2005, 04:40
give him the link to the easy one

21st Aug 2005, 09:10
Just wanted to add, that in order to keep things easy I've re-uploaded the original self extracting patch and put it above the laptop one.

It can be downloaded here (http://www.tafn.info/TAFN/commandos/scripts/pafiledb/pafiledb.php?action=file&id=67) .

21st Aug 2005, 13:35
i have the laptop patch because i have a laptop...and iam very computer ingorant :o

21st Aug 2005, 15:08
If you have winrar properly installed then do the following.

Create a new folder and place the patch there.
Right click on the rar file (ie the patch) and choose Winrar->Extract Here.
You will get a few files. 3 to be exact.
Copy the Imperialglory.exe to the directory/folder that your game is installed. You will get a message if you want to overwrite the file, say yes.
Open Winrar, drag and drop the file data1.pak to the winrar window/program. The view should change (in winrar) and show two folders texto and game. On the top of the winrar window you should see a Extract To icon. Click on that. You will get another window. with a "tree" on the right with folders. Using that go to the directory of the game. When you reach that, click ok. The files should be extracted to your game directory. To make sure, open with my computer or windows explorer the directory/folder that the game is installed to. There you should be able to see the extra two folders. If not, try again the above. When you do it, run the game (you will not need the cd anymore) and when it loads you should get a 1.1 version at the bottom of the screen (main menu).

25th Aug 2005, 11:57
ok...ill take this one at a time, how do i make a new folder? some of that stuff isnt there :confused:

25th Aug 2005, 12:48
To create a new folder you right click on any blank space in windows, and under New follow the expansion, and New Folder. Well I mean if you have WinRAR, simply right click the patch, and there's an option to "extract to"...name of the folder...Click that, and it will extract the contents of the archive to a folder with the same name as the patch archive itself :D

11th Sep 2005, 22:45
i didnt get the expansion, also when you first install it and it asks you where to install it to, where should you? i did D, dont know if that might be a problem or not it was the only one that worked