View Full Version : Cease fire command???

19th Aug 2005, 02:27
I've seen the following question a number of times:

Does firing into melee cause casualties within your own units involved in the melee?

I've seen both yes and no answers. Obviously, the answer is yes when firing with artillery, but it's difficult to say when firing with infantry or ranged cavalry. I haven't been able to find an answer directly from any of the developers on this, if they even post to this forum. I think this 'jaycw2309', from whom I've been seeing many response posts, might be one. Jay, can you answer this for the record? And forgive me of my ignorance. I'm new to the forums, and I'm not familiar with who is who amongst you moderator kind.

If the answer is yes, even with infantry and ranged cavalry, then I have a follow-up question:

How do you give a cease fire command to infantry or ranged cavalry, or can you?

Using the Halt command seems to work for artillery, but not for infantry and ranged cavalry.