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the one true thief
17th Aug 2005, 02:37
ok, so I've edited a texture from a family. how do I get it in game though Do I just ZIP up the whole file and place it in the Thief 2 directory?

thanks in advance

22nd Aug 2005, 23:59
No, Thief uses a pretty simplistic custom resource model. It searches for files in uncompressed directories before the compressed resource files. So for your textures, it'll look in 'fam/<family_name>/<tex_name>.pcx'. This is based off of the main game directory, of course.

Also, if this is a new family, then you need to be sure you've made the 'full.pcx' palette file. If you're just editing an existing family, you can survive with the palette from the CRF.

-- tom

23rd Aug 2005, 18:18
Actaully this question was already answered on TTLG...

the one true thief
23rd Aug 2005, 18:50

I had asked this question a the same as as when I asked at TTLG R Sould ;)

Thanks for the answers