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15th Aug 2005, 16:51
I've been trying to get militia into the game for the English but it seems I cant get it right even though I've changed many menu/game grahics and text files.

Can any other modder give me a hand? I'll email you my work in progress so you could start from there, see if I did anything wrong or missing something.

16th Aug 2005, 11:11
Don't do it! Just eliminate the Militia completely from the game...OR...Make a REAL militia unit! :D

Something like a cheaply farmer-dressed-like musket unit...Very weak...

I doubt that in the Napoleonic ero Militia came running at a wall of blazing muskets with only sticks...I bet they were musketeers as well, poorly trained and poorly equipped, no uniform...

But hey...That's me :p


16th Aug 2005, 19:27
Have them wear civilian clothing, a farmers hat, a few of them have muskets, some have knives and the others some sort of sword or farming tool. :cool:

And have them very weak so that half of the unit is eliminated with one volley.

17th Aug 2005, 04:14
I've seen pictures of a mod somewhere that actually got militia to carry guns. But I have no idea how they manged that. Well, I guess I'll abandon the project since militia does not seem to be very popular here ;) Plus I still cant figure out when they cant show up in game for England.

17th Aug 2005, 23:59
As far as i know, the milita unit are untrained civilians with clubs (in the game).
I donĀ“t get why they have such high armor values ingame.

Please give militia an armor value of 0. They have much more armor than some
other infantry units and that is just crap.

I think if they have armor zero a lot more would die after a volley, and that
would make the whole battle realistic.

Its just that the game misses a "real" infantry unit, like pikeneers and that way you have nothing else to stop cavallery... I MISS PIKENEERS !

Sure it would be cool if some had muskets. They should need hours to reload and only shoot like 40meters.

And for the "All countries build militia like crazy"-Feature/Bug:
Thats a game logic. In the beginning almost no country has enough troops to defend their provinces. So they build units like crazy. Since they have no Infantry Barracks they can only can build Milita. That sucks imho. I want to be able to build at least Light Infantry from the beginning.
If you ask me, one could just take the whole first ERA and throw it out of the window.
Who needs to learn how to train cavallery in the year 1790? They have been using cavallery for some thousand years at that time.... i dont get it.
Oh and btw... horses should be a resource :D
(and iron) :P

Oh and when we talk of modding. Can you edit the quests to something more reasonable? And is there a limit of how much quests one can have ? Would so love to have some more quests in the end of the game. One quest per tech would be cool, since it takes soooooooo long to research ERA3 sciences, and the lenght of a turn is very long too, at that time.
I never researched the whole tree in one of my campaigns, have to say that none took longer than 1804.

And Please remove annexation. Or at least make the consulate a ERA3 building (or ERA2). Thats the most crap thing in this game.
In "hard" setting, the only thing thats different is that the stats all hate you, and hate you more every turn, but they themselves make gaylove all the time till they are up to 100%.
Thats not fun.
They should have made all other countries into one big enemy... that would have been more realistic.
Also the enemy can build units much faster, the more i play, the more i believe that. I think sweden has just built 2 Milia in one turn. (...)

without a mod this game has no chance of me ever touching it again.