View Full Version : Lego Star Wars Hangs

14th Aug 2005, 22:52
I'm writing to help my son fix a problem with this game, he's a big fan, but very frustrated!

We've installed Lego Star Wars on my Thinkpad T41p with no problem. Initially we had a problem where the game would hang in Dexter's Diner, the character acting like someone was pressing the 'left' key. On pressing Enter (resume), we were done, no more keystrokes would be recognized by the program. We could only switch back to Win XP and close the game and try again.

I went online, and downloaded new audio drivers, I'd read they were key to the game working well. Since then, the game has worked much better, but he finally got to a level where the same problem has resurfaced. It's in Episode III, and when he falls off a certain cliff (has happened at a couple of falls now) the game will hang in the same manner, the character reappears at the top, but immediately falls off despite no key being pressed. Pressing enter again takes us to the 'resume...' menu, where no more key presses are recognized.

We used dxdiag to check out DirectX, but found no problems. We turned off Sound accelerations, and still had the error. We have the error regardless of video resolution, and are stumped as to what else we can try.

I can't find any similar problems in the FAQ or online support. Any help anyone could provide would be greatly appreciated, and go a long way towards gaining full use of the force... :)

Thanks, David