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12th Aug 2005, 23:37
A Few New Tomb Raider: Legend Glimpses
August 12, 2005

Ian Livingstone was the face of the new Tomb Raider: Legend announcements and the opening speaker of the EIEF but alas, there was little information on this latest sequel. The Creative director of Eidos and co-founder of Games Workshop gave a speech describing the displacement of the videogame console from the geeky teenager’s bedroom to the pride of place in the living room, something largely to do with his own efforts and Eidos assets like Lara Croft. Like Lara’s own physique the talk really highlighted how little the male gamer’s perception of femininity in the videogame world has progressed, documenting everything from ‘booth babes’ to wannabe Lara’s with a whole host of game related fashion developments on the way.

So having established that gaming is big, really big and we should all give ourselves a big pat on the back for that, the talk contained little real info on the upcoming title aside from a tech demo of the new, and slightly evolved, Lara model. This revealed that Crystal Dynamics have a pretty awesome graphics engine at their disposal and the facial animation seemed second only to Half-Life 2. Tomb Raider: Legend sees a departure from the dull streets of Paris back to where she belongs; running through well lit caverns with no discernable light source and shooting the crap out of endangered species (although that is yet to be confirmed and might be wishful thinking on my part). We can expect to see the game released around the start of 2006 on PC, PS2, PSP Xbox and even Xbox 360 formats.

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If anyone from Eidos reads this... it sure would be nice to read what Ian Livingstone had to say. :)