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11th Aug 2005, 14:52
:confused: I dont get this, each time i send in troops in various houses to take advantage of the land, they get bad beaten up. The enemy sends in units inside the building to battle with me--and i couldnt even get a shot at them. All my troops died. How do i use this function? I don't seem to be able to attack enemy troops inside buildings....... a bit of advice?

P.S. I'm sure this has been brought up, but what is with the few units u can control? Are there going to be mods about this?
PLZ and Thank u, I appreciate responses :)

11th Aug 2005, 14:56
I don't think posting this question here is going to be much help Mamelukes - take a look HERE!! (http://forums.eidosgames.com/index.php?) Select the forum for the game you are talking about and post your question there - think you will get a reply to your question quicker that way! ;)

By the way - Welcome!!! :D

11th Aug 2005, 15:25
Moved to the correct forum.

11th Aug 2005, 15:42
;) thx guys :cool: i appreciate it :D

11th Aug 2005, 20:29
About the in house thingy.
What units do you send inside the house? Do they have rifles? Can they fight well in hand to hand combat?
What I do is have one (or more depending) unit in a house and the others covering the house so that none can enter it. It works like a charm.
What you have to remember is that some houses have more than one points you can enter and thus it is possible that you have placed your unit in a part that does not face the enemy, thus cannot fire at them. Also it might be that the house has a very narrow field of view (it happens with a couple of buildings) and thus it is completely useless to put your infantry there.
To attack a building held by the enemy just attack it with the normal way! Also if you want to charge it for a hand to hand combat you have to choose the icon on the right of the screen for a melee only combat, then click on the house, if the building is relatively close your selected troops will charge and enter (or try) the building. Be careful to not select more than one unit at a time to enter a building. because only one can and the rest will get damaged for no good reason. Unless of course you want to do that on purpose so that the enemy fires at more than one target and the unit that you want to send inside gets hit less than otherwise. Of course in that case you might need to do a tactical retreat of those units and not lose them, but anyway, you get the picture.

I am not sure about your complain about few units you can control. If you mean about one of your officers controlling only 3 units, that is because of their low rank. If they increase in rank or you build (with the right tech and buildings) higher officers then you will have the option to control (each officer) up to 6 I think for a marshall. Though I think you can only have one marshall at a time, so 5 is safer. Thus 5x3 15 units. Granded it is not as many as in say Spartan, but it is not very few I think.

11th Aug 2005, 23:56
Here is a tip:

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12th Aug 2005, 20:07
This is interesting, I just finished a russian campain on hard (beaten badly), and in the few battles that I put infantry units inside houses (different maps) they refused to fire at an enemy unless I specifically ordered them to do so. :confused:

13th Aug 2005, 19:11
Thanks for the info Efthimios ;)

But what I meant about the too few units thing is that in RTW u can have up to like 200 000 units on screen...er.... I think. But IG u can only have 1000 or so units. Maybe it's just me, but I really enjoy battles that go on for long-- and battles can be made long with many units. Having said this, I believe the IG editor has something that allows you to improve the number of units... can someone help me with this?

Thanks so much for all ur replies... :)