View Full Version : Will there be an expansion pack?

10th Aug 2005, 19:11
Will there be any type of add-on? Honestly this game is close to being great, but that last patch left alot to be desired.

Are they going to make more playable nations and fix our requests in an add-on of some sort?

Gelatinous Cube
10th Aug 2005, 19:21
Expansion.. lol.

With the reception IG is getting now, I think any attempt at Expansion would be met with a very low sales return.

10th Aug 2005, 20:49
I think an expansion could work but only if Pyro gets more involved here first. Look, the game is pretty good as is. Most folks just want to know that the guys who made it actually give a damn about it. It's pretty hard to generate much enthusiasm for the future of IG when Pryo doesn't seem to care.

10th Aug 2005, 21:42
I really don't understand Pyro - or Eidos. The Market for Nap wargames is huge ! They might not be as big as some dumbass FPS's but the bucks are there. They need to get off their ***** if they're into making money and turn this rough diamond into the truly great game it could be. All it would take is :
1. Print off the Patch Suggestion thread
2. Produce one patch to meet the major concerns
3. (Maybe)Expansion pack - more countries , units , maps/countrie , campaigns

Even with just the patch you would grab the attention of the whole Naploeonic scene , their wouldn't be this great anticipation for NTW2 or Histwar because everything would be there in IG-improved . Imagine the community that would spring up .. Community means SALES!!

I really don't understand them.

11th Aug 2005, 00:17
I fundamentally don't understand the mentality of people who would devote so much obvious effort to making a game and then just turn their backs on it the minute it hits the shelves. Forget corporate mentality, profits, etc. Somebody - some human - poured a lot of themselves into this game. Don't they care, even just a little bit, about what we here think about it - enough to just pop in here from time to time to talk about their work? There's a complete lack of pride here that I just can't understand.

11th Aug 2005, 04:26
I don't think they're allowed to , I don't know wether its because of company policy or EIDOS . But it looks to me like they've put a lot of effort love and detail into IG, Certainly makes you wonder why they don't carry with it and fix up the things that need fixing. But who knows we proably haven't heard the last from the devs. When do they get back from Vacation ?

11th Aug 2005, 05:54
I have a hard time believing that someone from Pyro couldn't fire up his computer, log in here and answer a few questions if he really wanted to. Perhaps the "suits" at Eidos are to blame. Either way, I'll never understand that sort of mindset.

11th Aug 2005, 14:25
Agreed........The fact is! The majority of people like this game. We just want alittle Support from the Devs. This is not rocket science here. The games that do best are the ones that are well supported. Look at the most succesfull games and behind them you find a network of support aimed at helping and YES, listening to the players. Expansion? I don't know? I might buy it. Would depend on what else was comming out at that time.

11th Aug 2005, 16:23
Expansion would be nice. Or an add-on.