View Full Version : The face from the past...

10th Aug 2005, 13:16
Maybe someone said it before (in which case this thread won't last too long) but I wondered to myself, is the old face, long thought dead Jacqueline Natla?!

I would love it to be Natla as she was one of the more charismatic enemies in the series - more so than the worn out Werner von Croy :p

what do you senors and senoritas think? Maybe you could direct me to the correct thread to pose this question! haha

Sophia Leigh
11th Aug 2005, 02:32
Apparently its not going to be Natla or Von Croy but someone we haven't "met" before. Just use the search option and you should find something :)

11th Aug 2005, 11:44
oh ok thanks!

i was trying to avoid 'search' as i was feeling lazy! hehe ;)