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10th Aug 2005, 01:30
I've played this game maybe 3 times now and have never gotten to marry to any country. I've played as Great Britain and then my child left me after I picked the wrong gov't. Then as Russia I picked Dictatorship and someone of my royal family was murdered and I'm guessing it was my son?? Can someone tell me if this happened to them or what I am doing wrong?

10th Aug 2005, 09:50
lol im guessing it was my son.....

thats funny....

whats is was your son that murdered them or that got murdered...

i have the same prob 2 campaigns and no marriage...

10th Aug 2005, 12:04
your odds of marriage increase if you choose your daughter as your heir. this isn't massachussets, you know! :p

12th Aug 2005, 20:35
Ok this time I'm gonna pick a daughter and see if it works. If anyone has gotten it to work just tell me how you did it so I can get some idea here. I'm not even sure if getting married into another country is good.

7th Sep 2005, 22:00
your odds of marriage increase if you choose your daughter as your heir. this isn't massachussets, you know! :p
Nice! That Really Funny! :o

8th Sep 2005, 02:52
I think you got to pick "Absolute" type of gov then the marrige opt is available .Then you have to wait until your daughter come of age only to marry her to the male heir of gov of your type.

8th Sep 2005, 07:33
i have married into austria twice, i find if you have a freindly nation of 90% smphathy you should find it easier to convince them to marry your offspring.

8th Sep 2005, 10:49
well i just started another campaign as england, picked william as heir, as soon as i selected absolute monarchy over dictatorship, it reveiled the marriage option, and when i selected marriage option via diplomacy screen, austria light up, they offered to marry william for 27000, they did not say weather he was to marry their daughter or son tho. :o

btw austria was about 70% sympathy

8th Sep 2005, 13:23
when i married (i was russia) my daughter with England it only gave me 64% sympathy....so i simply invaded england

La Neige
13th Sep 2005, 04:13
To arrange a marriage, both countries have to be monarchies (the specific type of a monarchy does not matter); hence both need to be in the third era. Also, the heirs need to be of opposite sexes.