View Full Version : Australian BLOOD ?

9th Aug 2005, 21:46
Are there any Aussies here that have tried the blood patch and are getting blood in the game ? We have the US version don't we ? I thought we there was only Euro and US ? I've installed the Blood patch but I'm not getting blood . Any Ideas ?

10th Aug 2005, 08:18
Hi, or G'day.
Mate the patch wont work for us, it will work in the demo, but not in our version, I mean Aussies would be last people to worry about seeing a bit blood. Its a hard land we live in overhere, losing Claret here is an everyday expectency. :eek:

Anyway Sick over at TAFN is looking into it for us.

10th Aug 2005, 08:51
Great - hope he has some luck .


11th Aug 2005, 18:25
:D What is this blood mod u speak of...... it peaks intrest in my mind! :D

11th Aug 2005, 22:40
As usual Australia gets overlooked... goddamn it...

19th Aug 2005, 11:39
Any luck yet Sick?

19th Aug 2005, 12:34
Nope. Work is chaos at the moment, because a lot of people are on vacation at the moment and they can't find another replacement but me. :mad: )