View Full Version : capture artilarry

8th Aug 2005, 14:41
how do i capture artilary in battle? i just attack it and never captures, how do i capture it ?

8th Aug 2005, 15:56
You need the cavalry advance I think. Also it might help to be able to produce artillery of your own. Other than that I haven't noticed any particular reason to capture or to not capture one. I have only captured say 2 every 50 battles.

8th Aug 2005, 16:01
You can only capture artillery when the enemy retreats and you chase him.

8th Aug 2005, 18:38
yeah i think it is so. only capturing when retreatin. other thing i noticed that is bad,when i attack a province and retreat before the battle all my men get lost ?! i only did not attack because had same streng of men and was a strong defencive province.

8th Aug 2005, 21:14
I don't know. I never retreat. Could be?