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8th Aug 2005, 12:38
Woah, what a major disappointment this game was, complete waste of money! You need to patch the game to fix a lot of issues!

Ok this needs to be done:

1. Give us a "hold formation" option in battles, if I have lined up my men nicely in lines infront of my artillery I want them to hold the lines and shoot the enemy. Instead they start breaking the line and move around and I can't control them!

2. Morale!!! a militia unit fought to the last man against artillery, cavalry and lots of infantry... not very likely!

3. Speed slider, pretty please the speed of the battles is insane. Here is what you should do: Make bigger maps, more units and slower speed so that you can manouver your men and fight long and enjoyable battles, think you can fix that? ;)

4. More battleships in the naval battles... six ships isn't enough.

5. Make muskets more innaccurate, this will make it more realistic, make battles longer and add room for more strategy.

6. Pause and command, very important if you don't want a hectic click-fest without any tactics.

7. Better camera options, it's a bad version of Shogun:total wars camera, you should make the camera like the one in RTW (rometotalwar), it is the best camera up to date.

8. Lots of bugs and choppyness on the campaign map!!!

9. Strange AI that charges melee no matter what... it's so sad

Learn from the Totalwar games, they laid the foundations and it's silly not to take after some of their great ideas!!! you wont degrade yourself by doing so you know! now please please please patch the game with these changes, please...

Keep in mind that the greatest and most succesful games out there have great communication and support for their fans.

If nothing is done to fix these issues that makes the game near unplayable, then for what it's worth I will boycott this game and any other future games these developers and their company releases, I will also make sure me and friends spread the boycott on this product.

the zwickau prophet
8th Aug 2005, 13:05
Since the 1.1 patch there has been a speed slider in the game, it is just not displayed. When in a battle, simply hold down 'Ctrl' and press either the plus or minus keys on the numeric keypad on the right hand side of the keyboard - you can then speed up your game for the pre battle marching and slow it down once battle commences.

I understand that there is also a hold position key combination of 'Ctrl' and 'Alt' (at same time) then press 'H' but I cannot say for sure as I have managed to get by without it thus far.

8th Aug 2005, 15:58
Yes, the natural combination for hold formation lol. Never used it so far though it would be nice to have the on screen button for it. Or to just press H or something.

The new version of the 1.1 patch also works with the main keyboard + and - keys.

the zwickau prophet
8th Aug 2005, 16:10
Thanks efthimios, I have edited my original post. Yes the hold formation is a bit clumsy to execute, it reminds me of those old DOS based word processors - to underline, please hold down 'ctrl', 'caps lock' 'shift' 'tab' and 'U' while repeatedly bashing the space bar with your big toe and backspace with your nose :)

8th Aug 2005, 16:14
Oh man, PW! :-)

8th Aug 2005, 16:26
Use the patch/suggestion thread to post your suggestions.

Many of your suggestions have already been posted over there.