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7th Aug 2005, 18:40
how do i renamed batavia to netherlands is there a (way easy one) are there some new flags for countrys ?! links pls

10th Aug 2005, 08:34


TAFN has a download section with some more cool mods including Officerpuppys sound mod, Martin, (martico) has some nice skins for the riflemen and english artillary. the spanish one has some good stuff to, if you use your head a bit you can work out where they want you to put the files, enjoy

10th Aug 2005, 11:53
the first link does not work , the second works and has nice mods thks

10th Aug 2005, 11:58
Here's a short guide:

Extract Text.pak with WinRAR to your installation folder.
Open TextJugadores.sb and TextProvincias.sb found in "\texto\english\Management"
Search for "Batavia" and change it to the Netherlands.
Save file and you're done. :)

10th Aug 2005, 13:37
i only need to change in the jugadores.sb not in the other, thks a lot :thumbsup:

10th Aug 2005, 13:51
Tsss the Dutch are still dreaming of Brussels as their capital eh :p