View Full Version : Tomb Raider online mag: Issue 4 just released!

7th Aug 2005, 15:12

The Tomb Raider Fans online magazine, issue 4 (August 2005) is out now! Although it is in Spanish, I hope someday we can translate it to English. Anyway, I'm sure some of you will understand it. :D

You can download the magazine, print it in your house and read it. Every month, a new issue is released with all the most relevant news so far.

This is a community project. If you want to join the team, contact revista@tombraiderfans.com

I hope you enjoy the mag as we enjoy making it!


7th Aug 2005, 19:51
We are translating the magazine into English.

Anyone would like to join the English team? If you don't know Spanish, you can help correcting the articles. Everyone on the team will appear on the Editorial page.

7th Aug 2005, 20:09
I think you mean you're translating it into english? ;)

anyway, I would like to help as a spell checker, but my english isn't that good. I could give it a try though ;)

7th Aug 2005, 20:54
Oh, sorry. :p

There is a group of people working on the magazine every month. Some of them have offered to translate the magazine and what we need now is some people checking the spell.

Of course, you are welcome Tippy. :)