View Full Version : Anyone have TWO PC Game Controllers working?

6th Aug 2005, 17:01
If so, I would be interested in what brands you have working. I can't get my Thrustmaster Firestorm Dual Power 3 controllers to work together no matter what. Here are some combinations I've tried.

1. Standard Windows XP driver
2. Driver that came with controller
3. Latest Driver (1.FFD.2005 Driver Package)
4. Older Driver (4.FFD.2004 Driver Package)
5. Both versions of Thrustmapper 4.02 and 4.02c, including expanding the dead zone on the throttle/z-axis.


8th Aug 2005, 01:04
I am going to answer my own question. I returned the Thrustmaster game controllers and on the advice of a review on Amazon, go two Logitech Cordless Rumblepad 2 controllers. I didn't install Logitech's drivers and let Windows XP discover them by itself. Everything worked flawlessly. Setup was a breeze and though I was wary of them being cordless, they have worked great and allowed me and my 7 year old son to play while sitting on the couch!

DDiCE :thumbsup: