View Full Version : Are these scanned Legend pics?

5th Aug 2005, 23:16
CVG has just posted an article which I think is from one of the UK magazines plus they have screenshots. Are these pictures scans?


Here is the article..

6th Aug 2005, 00:44
Both the article and pics have been featured in the latest edition of PSW magazine and have been on www.tombraiderchronicles.com for several weeks. These pics are at a very high res and are unlikely to be scans although they are the exact same pics from PSW.

6th Aug 2005, 01:04
Are you really ML2U in disguise? You are beginning to sound a lot like him. :p

6th Aug 2005, 01:47
I think that's the digital version of the screenshots showed on the magazines.

6th Aug 2005, 01:49
They are the magazine screenshots. They accompany the PSW article that CVG put up on their site.

10th Aug 2005, 12:32
CVG has just posted an article
Here is the article..
Jeeeze. Such a good article with an appalingly rude and disgusting ending that completely ditches any credibility they were building. A professional does not resort to such crude un-earned name-calling. But I bet they were very proud of their "cleverness". http://www.catsuitandponytail.com/files/rolleyes.gif

Thanks for the screenshot links though, Trinity. :)

11th Aug 2005, 22:34
Yeah I agree about the article. Seems some people can not get past lara's chest.... :rolleyes:

Sophia Leigh
12th Aug 2005, 01:13
Amuzing, whoever wrote that article was obvioulsy targeting 13 year old boys. :rolleyes:

Thanks for the screen shots though Trinity34, most of those I hadn't seen before :)