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4th Aug 2005, 20:53
If the game doesnt work on my comp will the demo?

and what does the demo include?

thanks :thumbsup:

4th Aug 2005, 21:14
Don't waste your time - wait for NW2 or Histwar

4th Aug 2005, 21:59
The demo is 226 MB, and can be downloaded from this location:

It features a land battle, a sea battle video and shows some stuff of the management area.
In my opinion the demo doesn't give a good view of the full game though, Pyro could have made a better one. The full game is so much better if you ask me, I enjoy it alot.

4th Aug 2005, 22:59
No doubt you enjoy it, your a mod ;)

4th Aug 2005, 23:15
"Theenglishdude" that was my username on another site, thief.

4th Aug 2005, 23:42
No doubt you enjoy it, your a mod ;)

I would have said the same if I wasn't. I'm a Pyro fan since their first game came out in 1998. :D