View Full Version : Hoe can we make this game HARD?

3rd Aug 2005, 17:53
What house rules can be made if we can't alter the AI?

For example for France I was thinking that you can only ally yourself with Saxony, Poland, Russia, and Egypt and Prussia prior to 1810. After 1810, no alliances and no treaties. Must always be at War with Britain. And must always be at war with Spain after 1800.

Any other suggestions?

Zero Gulf
3rd Aug 2005, 18:26
Well, since we can't campaign in multi-player,,, I guess you can implement any restrictions you wish and challenge yourself that way, who is going to know? :confused:
Of course, if you are planning on making a players campaign stats site based on the 'honor' system of reporting, (yeah, right :rolleyes: ) I really can't see the point.

Now engagement/deployment restrictions in multi-player to aid in simulating battles or portions of battles, that I can understand.