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3rd Aug 2005, 01:35
Patch is already installed

Thats the message I get when I try to install patch1.1. I have a brand new install - no mods. What's going on ?

I'm in Australia so don't kow if I have the US or Euro version. I suspect US.

I'm very disappointed with Pyro, They had the chance to make this game great but it seems there office environment isn't a happy one , no-one gives a ****.

Thanks to jac for his support and putting up with all the gripe going Pyro's way

3rd Aug 2005, 02:03
It's possible to open the patch's .exe file with WinRAR. Inside this file there are 2 files: ImperialGlory.exe and Data1.pak. Extract both files to the installation folder and the game is patched as well. :)

3rd Aug 2005, 03:45
Thanks I'll give it a go

3rd Aug 2005, 10:19
I had the same exact problem, I had to do as he says it's the only way I finally got it to work. I had a fresh install as well, they should really fix this as some people may not know how to do that.

3rd Aug 2005, 10:24
is there no other way to do it?

3rd Aug 2005, 10:43
is there no other way to do it?

been trying to reply with a solution to this, but our forums wont let me :( it lets me do short posts but not the one i want :(

3rd Aug 2005, 10:44
The patch alters a setting in the registry.
If you uninstall the game and dont clear your registry this updated setting will remain (as the full game doesnt know of this registry setting so doesnt know to remove it)

The key is under (running regedit)

HKEY_Current_user\Software\Pyro studios\Imperial Glory\

If having problems and you cannot copy the 2 files included in the patch into the directory, then uninstalling, clearing the above entry in the registry then reinstalling will work. If you dont say to delete your save games on uninstalling you wont lose them

Mods would need reapplying

Note: this post took me 6 `edits` to be able to write, writing it all in one go wouldnt work, silly forum software :(