View Full Version : Streaming Engine??

2nd Aug 2005, 23:24
Crystal Dynamics has said that the new game will feature a streaming engine, but I have no clue what that means. Can someone explain for me please? :) How is this engine better than the other TR games?

3rd Aug 2005, 00:54
As far as I could understand from the guy's interview on E3, it decreases loading times and takes better advantage of the performance of each platform, because it dumps out of memory everything that is not on screen. Hence the name streaming, it takes all of the platform potential to what it's being shown and, whatever one's not seeing isn't taking space on memory, it's being dumped from the memory itself, when it goes off the screen. But don't mind me, I'm a noob and don't know zip about these things. :o If I happen to have said it right, then, hey. :D

3rd Aug 2005, 02:14
I suggested the use of that engine, I don't know if they applied after my post XD...

Well, this engine is used in Need For Speed: Underground 2 but it is independent of EA Games. While you run in the city, the game is loading the textures and information of the map, opponent cars, tracks etc. I think that in Tomb Raider Legend the levels are structured as in AOD, however very larger. A map would be divide in several files that are loaded and interconnected as soon as Lara progress in the level, without disturbing the framerate.