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2nd Aug 2005, 13:30
This patch is for ALL versions, however a small problem has been found with the CZECH version (the tutorial text gets displayed incorrectly - does not affect ANY other version and will be fixed for Czech shortly)

Fix list

Battles: Users can now speed up/slow down battles with CTRL+/- and return to default speed with CTRL and *
Narrator: Users can disable narrator voice with CTRL V
Naval Battles: Damage inflicted by ships has been increased
Horse Artillery/Horse Howitzers: Movement speed increased
Multiplayer post-battle screen: Game now states who played as who
Salamanca Historical Battle: Timer adjusted to 25 minutes
Salamanca Historical Battle: Fixed crash when fighting in forest
Multiplayer Naval Battle: Fixed crash with options menu on-screen at end of battle
Castille map: Fixed issue of Troops turning invisible when entering forest
Management Tutorial: Fixed problem with the Captain's name
Land Battle Tutorial: Highlight now appears on Musketeers
Cyrenaica map: Now not possible to position troops in an unrealistic place
Izhora map: Units cannot now walk through part of building
Research Tree: "Tithe" text corrected to display 50% increase in production
Russian version: Fixed crash during Management Game, following liberation of an annexed country
Intel Graphic chipset users will now work

Patch will be live shortly.. will post details here when it is live

2nd Aug 2005, 18:46
Patch live NOW on Gameshadow system

First Link (http://www.tafn.info/phpscripts/filesdb/download.php?file=9) <- massive thanks as always to TAFN for this

Second Link (http://files.filefront.com/Imperial+Glory+Retail+v11+Patch/;4025949;;/fileinfo.html)
This is the original installer patch, not the laptop friendly one hosted at TAFN below.

Third Link (http://www.mod-project.com/modproject/modules/mydownloads/visit?cid=11&lid=24)
Like the 2nd link, not the laptop friendly one, but the original patch.

Fourth Link (http://www.tafn.info/phpscripts/filesdb/download.php?file=10)
Just want to add that we've added a ReadMe and a small fix for some laptop users, who couldn't change the speed of the game. It isn't a self extracting patch anymore though, you have to do it manually (instructions in the readme.) ~sick