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14th Jun 2005, 19:05
i deleted the old site. and we have changed our name

we are Up-Town Heirz: Street Assassinz

colors (same)-Blue,, Black Silver

systems(same)-PS2 and Xbox

i am working on a new site

14th Jun 2005, 19:18
not trying to start no ****, but dont that belong in one of the "what will your clan be?" threads?

14th Jun 2005, 19:27
just thought about that, damn well. . darn its done

14th Jun 2005, 20:59
all good in this hood

15th Jun 2005, 01:32
yes sirrr...and your done with tha site...post it so we can check it out son..

24th Jun 2005, 17:47
any body and every body who is in this gang and if you want to be a part of this

post your name and what system so i can get everybody down

a friend on another site is the leader of XBOX and if you want to be a cop
i have a friend who is going to control the cop part its all good so hurry.

25th Jun 2005, 04:06
here is the starting template of the site


25th Jun 2005, 04:19
Blackcouarge your crack me up thats not a url thats a windows command.

25th Jun 2005, 04:27
so copy and paste the **** also im not that enhanced in the template part

but im working on it thats the fisrt look if you want to help then plzz if not work wiht what you got

25th Jun 2005, 10:14
so copy and paste the **** also im not that enhanced in the template part

What he meant was that we can't see it because it's a local link that only works on your computer.

26th Jun 2005, 05:03
darn HAHHA sry i fogot about that part. well i got you

26th Jun 2005, 05:48
well i hops this works. Fisrt looks (http://img65.echo.cx/img65/165/template1028lu.jpg)

26th Jun 2005, 05:58
Yeah it looks pretty good. :thumbsup:

26th Jun 2005, 06:00
yah man its alright i like it

26th Jun 2005, 15:39
Yo so is Street Assasins one of the sets in Uptown Hiers? jw... Ohh and I was lookin to join up in your crew if its good with you.

26th Jun 2005, 20:12
yo ace hit us up. i also thought about that idea too you know different sets

but for now Uptown heirz-street assassinz is the title for all ill run that by my
other leaders and get back to you but yes you can join send me your infor

system your on
your online name (the one you want)
and you email

7th Jul 2005, 03:34
yo i would like to b apart of ur clan keep the posts up so i can check the site n give my name :cool:

7th Jul 2005, 04:38
keep them comin. yea give me your system and email

8th Jul 2005, 10:48
whattup man, site looks pretty sick so far... i was gonna start my own clan up, but them starting playing socom again and remembered its to much of a headache for me..

its still a bit early for me to be making any sorts of decisions on what crew to run with, but i'll keep yours in mind when the decision time comes
(ps2 by the way)

8th Jul 2005, 20:49
well thanks and join up, bring a friend

9th Jul 2005, 18:22
yo man..it snice but whens the ACTUAL site gonna be up...maybe i missed it??...but i wouldnt mind checkin it out..instead of just a picture of it

9th Jul 2005, 21:17
working on it know once i find what im looking for ill make it

26th Jul 2005, 06:32
if your still takin recruits i play on Xbox, djstiles, my email djstiles2001@yahoo.com

26th Jul 2005, 16:36
ok yea nice we need more xbox people

26th Jul 2005, 21:38
hey i cant get on the site it wont let me it cant be displayed casue i would llike to join i have a ps2

27th Jul 2005, 02:08
forget the site i might just use a forum... ok give me your info email- and what ever neccesary

28th Jul 2005, 06:57
got on that looks good :thumbsup: nice job

28th Jul 2005, 07:09
my email: brycebusbani@hotmail.com


and just PM me if u need anything else

28th Jul 2005, 12:54
werd courage, i think i will join your ****, looks like its gon be pretty solid

-feel free to instant message me, just make sure to tell me who you are
-anything else PM me
-i never check emails
-oh...and regardless of your colors i rock black and purple (my set comes before yours in my book fam)

28th Jul 2005, 16:50
viz putting it down lol its like u should be the boss


28th Jul 2005, 18:21
purple is cool but you will wear our colors, but you can wear your own, thers little thing called unity, dont really care what you wear when your not togther as a clan but when theres more than 3 of us together on the same team then i would like to see you rocking the colors ok thank you, give me your email

Also, please dont come with a ****ty attitude..

30th Jul 2005, 04:23
i just want to see who we have and what part you shall play so if you wnated to be counted into the clan take your ass there and reply...thank you

Forums (http://s13.invisionfree.com/Uptown_Heirz/)

30th Jul 2005, 22:24
i decided to go bak to the old site for now untill i figure a way to get the new one working

but this doesnt look that bad so come here and talk. join on the clan app.

be happy


31st Jul 2005, 01:09
i wasnt tryin to come off like i'm the **** on that post (these things just happen sometimes) anyways my apologies on that

31st Jul 2005, 04:02
thats funni as hell

31st Jul 2005, 06:26
lol.. well haha its good that you see yourself as royalty, glad that you chosen the only and best.. go to the site and fill out the clan applicaton

31st Jul 2005, 06:44
just tried to register on your site kidd, thing never sent me the confirmation e-mail, it may just be because msn sucks and is slow as hell though, i'll check again for it tommorow

31st Jul 2005, 07:14
oh no.. dang problem acurred time ago and its bak ill make you name for you if wanted thien you can change your pass one your there

31st Jul 2005, 13:30
allright then, make the name vizzion and PM me the password whenever you get around to it

31st Jul 2005, 23:02
if you guys have registerd on any clansitemanager hosting wedsite or anything then you can use it on every other site

and if you need me to make you id send me your email

also.. vizzon Mbal was able to make an id so you should be able

31st Jul 2005, 23:16
i tried kidd, didnt work, said once i confirm it through that email it would work, and i never got the email

1st Aug 2005, 17:17
that happen to me on this forum when i unchecked recieve email from admins....just a thought..maybe u clicked sumthin like that too