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1st Aug 2005, 12:59

I have to say there is absolutly no point in winning. where is the prize.
there is no extra country to play with there are no new maps or extra features like a new type of soldier, or the ability to use ; polish lancers, spainish gureillaz, eygptians marmulukes or portugese cazadores, or the ability to use an african country. :)

if u have any ideas on this write back.


2nd Aug 2005, 10:34
i agree with you. and perhaps they can put all the nations in two categories - empires and minors......then if people choose minor there may be an option that allows you to play "survival", which tests your surviving skills (how long you can last before you get conquered) perhaps that may be fun! :D

2nd Aug 2005, 12:41
that is a very good idea i never thought of that! :thumbsup:
i dont know if it can be done in a patch im not very technical buty am very good at palying them.

so yer survival sounds cool!

14th Aug 2005, 07:29

I'm Flabergasted(yeah it's not spelled right I know)....

what happened to the Prize of Satisfaction that you've Won.....

War Games shouldn't give you anythign for winning....period

14th Aug 2005, 12:20
This is not Need for Speed. Why would you expect to get extra things if win the game? :confused:

What Fitch said.

14th Aug 2005, 22:56

I'm Flabergasted(yeah it's not spelled right I know)....

it is actually

and all iwas saying is that there should be somthing if not a more u ique clip!

24th Aug 2005, 03:39
indeed there should (specially the minor part) and you get points for every province conquered and year survived and it tallys your best score :O !!! we should send an email to them im sure a patch wouldn't take long to do!! (though i doubt they would do it :cool:

24th Aug 2005, 08:41
There should be a prize but I think you are forgetting that the earlier total war games had no prize either and neither do most other startegy games