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31st Jul 2005, 22:17
I like ig very much but the least to say its to easy even on hard difficulty level I am not a begginer well i am but i am a very good player at these games and find the ai very easy to beat once u get around it like in rome total war medival total war. Hard level is nothing but a spamming peasent newb which are very very easy to beat the trick is to go fast cavlary researching it then building it. Baught the game a week ago and already beat campaign on hard with every civ more than once. The Ai and the diplomacy is very interesting but it would be much more fun if diplomacy was better for instance it would be better if u had to have allies. The major flaw about the game is all u have to do is declare war on any nation liberate the regions from which they have annexed or assimilated leave the territory. At which point the aggresor will pay a huge fee for a peace treaty and the sympathy towards ur nation will increas simply repeat until about 2 nations join ur empire. Then build a grand armie u should have a very big army to do this just build hospitals in the capitals anywhere else is simple a waste of money. Anyone else feel this way towards the game? Ohh ya as i said game is very fun.

31st Jul 2005, 22:21
Yah IG becomes very easy once you've learned the tricks of the game only real way to make this game hard imo is to be extremely agressive and challenge yourself im waiting for the patch for improvements

31st Jul 2005, 22:27
Ya i actually slowed myself down by not attacking or building for a couple years just to let the ai rebuild and form a alliance against me which i just bashed up anyways LOL.

1st Aug 2005, 13:24
i must add this is one the many major floors in this game, soo it really needs a ig2 ver quickly. :p

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