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31st Jul 2005, 10:07
what anoyies me most is the fact that there are only 3 types of formation.

line, column, and square, but as there are only three it limits you to the amount of tactics you can use when engaging the enemy.

what are voulgituers, trilassuiers, riflemen lightinfantry men, cazadores and jagars used for, yes u got it Skirmishing and is there a squirmish formation no

if u have seen the sharpe series u will know what i mean when i say skirmish formation. it i s raged line widly spread so that they can pick of enemy troops at a RANGE, this is poor of the game as it is very usefull if u want to pick at the enemy before they get to your lines. if you send them at the enemy when in line formation the whole army is then on you and your little men get sluaghterd

But so far the only bonus from the light infantry is the fact that their kill ratio is better, but in the thick of things what does it mater they are lost in the smoke, melee, and explosions so they have very little effect :eek:

this is still a major formation they have left out but there are others but they genrally revlove around little details that would require a lot of tecnology to run. if u have any questions post them to my email listed below

what do think about that idea as an mod if possible

so really i have to say the light infantry units are wasted

u can post a reply if u want


31st Jul 2005, 22:12
ya it would be cool to have a mod that gave more skirmish options

31st Jul 2005, 22:21
Historicly skirmishers didnt stand line to line formation battering at the enemy isntead they were used on markmesship running around like squirrels dodging bullets hiding behind cover and only letting little damage be done to them i think ig would be much for fun if u can use skirmishers to do this it would definetly make it more tactiful. On another note skirmishers became obselete with the new tactics of massed artillery they could do the job much faster.

1st Aug 2005, 07:41
On another note skirmishers became obselete with the new tactics of massed artillery they could do the job much faster.

interesting i didnt know that. do u know when they stopped using skirmishers
and started using them on special missionsbehind enemy lines? :confused:

cheers zeroh ;)

1st Aug 2005, 16:26
Actually skirmishers were extremely important in Napoleonic warfare. They did not become obsolete because of artillery, in fact just the opposite. Full battalions would form skirmish formation to screen the rest of the army from enemy artillery. Skirmishers were also marksmen who would take out officers first, causing poor morale in their enemy's ranks. The French would also use skirmishers within their battalions to fire at enemy lines out of range at battalions that did not have skirmishers within their ranks (and would often stand line to line in this case).

Really, IG is more Seven Years War tactics than Napoleonic.

As for southpark's squirmish formation, that's actually my position at my computer desk chair from the boredom I get playing sp and beating it too easily (thus becoming "squirmish") lol. :D

1st Aug 2005, 17:51
hahah really did y get that from sharpe series

Mister Nock
2nd Aug 2005, 20:19
I was hoping for a skirmish formation in the patch.

We can but dream.